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Only Cash Surveys Review

by David Harris

“Only Cash Surveys”, found at, is a paid surveys rip off site, and we’re leading with that right from the start.

It’s very often that we come across nasty pieces of work like Only Cash Surveys and each time we feel it’s necessary to point out the many red flags we find.

So it is with Only Cash Surveys.

Starting with the unbelievable amount of negative comments traffic about them online by many unhappy customers and users, and finishing with our declaration of status, there is nothing good about Only Cash Surveys.

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Most of my time researching scams and home business opportunities, there are the occasional ones that hide their negative press too well.

Not so with Only Cash Surveys. There is so much online negativity about them that I wouldn’t know where to begin.

Suffice it to say that the majority of users complain about getting kicked off, deleted, and just plain old not paid by Only Cash Surveys.

The main complaint that makes Only Cash Surveys a scam, in our opinion, is that people are not getting paid for they work they do.

The next indication of a scam is when no one is able to be reached for help when things go wrong, and that is the case with Only Cash Surveys lack of support.

Another is that Only Cash Surveys is not only not even a real paid surveys company, but rather a middleman of other survey and market research companies that they represent which are owned by their parent company uSamp.

If you joined you saw that they direct you to all the other survey sites uSamp owns and makes you join some of them when you register.

Most of the surveys are difficult to qualify for every time, and some kick you out in the middle of completing them for some reason or another so you get no points or cash for your time.

If you do happen to complete a task, the third party clients most likely reward you with points instead of cash, despite their company name, which must be added up as part of a minimum cash out which usually starts around 10 to 20 bucks for many of them.

This means you do not get paid cash by Only Cash Surveys, thereby also making it a scam for not being upfront about that.

What makes that even scammier is that Only Cash Surveys has a minimum payout of $50 dollars.

That is much higher than most.

Add to this the fact that almost everyone who has dealt with Only Cash Surveys finds that some of their pending completed surveys just disappear from their dashboards for no apparent reason.

So, although it is free to join them, not paying people for their work, cheating them out of it and having such an unattainable payout threshold makes Only Cash Surveys a scam.

However, if that is not bad enough then consider that the email, phone number or other contact info you give them will be sold to third party clients who will them bombard you with endless spam and calls to sell you their junk.

Add to this the moment Only Cash Surveys stops sending you any more notifications of more surveys to take when you do get close to the payout.

Then if that’s not enough abuse for you, consider the seemingly unending wait period before Only Cash Surveys decides to pay you if you even got far enough to cash out.

It can take from 3 months or longer to get your earnings from Only Cash Surveys and that is just unacceptable in our opinion.

I have to call Only Cash Surveys a scam. I do not recommend ” Paid Survey Authority “ because Survey Club is a much better option…

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