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Online Riches University

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Online Riches University Scam Review

by David Harris

“Online Riches University”, by Mary Johnson and found at, is just another scheme to steal as much money from unsuspecting customers desperate to start their own business and make money online.

Scams like Online Riches University are by now identifiable by the tricks they use. For those of you new to IM, this is a scam known as a link posting scam.

The first of several tricks is the landing page which is designed to have you give up your email address, name and phone number, all which will be used relentlessly to get you to waste your money on this cruel plot.

The next trick Online Riches University uses is the ‘only 3 job positions left in your area’ offer, urging you to a call to action.

It’s not true. Online Riches University will take anybody’s money for nothing in return. Then there are the news logos that don’t endorse them at all in any way.

Even if you pore over all the information on the site it won’t prepare you for the mountain of junk emails that will fill your inbox from the third party clients Online Riches will resell your data to.

Then come all the sales people who will call your phone number day in day out to wear you down to spend more money on Online Riches University’s useless coaching program offers.

These offers include a ruse Online Riches University calls business coaching, which really does nothing for you and before you know it you’ve spent thousands of dollars in hopes it will make you the loads of money they claim you’ll make.

Back to scam warning signs of Online Riches University, once there’s a fake story by Mary Johnson, a fictional character in their charade.

This story is the same exact one used on all the other clone scam sites that go by different names that sound a lot like Online Riches University.

Mary Johnson’s photo is also fake, a stock photo from stock public images sites. The same goes for the photos next to the phony comments shouting praises about Home Job Institute.

Nothing can be counted on to be true on Online Riches University. For one, it’s not an university at all. Then there are the fake income check and credit card statement, which are completely fabricated.

The truth is that when you post ads through the model Online Riches University supposedly provides called link posting, you would normally receive a bunch of small checks from the many partner companies that you would be posting ad links for, not one big check.

Be wary of names they use for on these scam traps. Titles like Search Engine Agent certification and Wealth Development Training, etc, as they are just gimmicks strategically placed on Online Riches University to lure you in.

We’ve come to call this con the link posting scam and it’s quite impossible to make the money Online Riches University claims you will earn with this sham.

It’s one big lie. To add to the miserable truth about scams like Online Riches University, we get so many messages from the doomed folks who were been swindled for thousands of dollars with no chance of getting their money back.

Do yourself a favor and pass on this scam, Online Riches University. Nothing to be gained there.

Thanks for reading

– David


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