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Online Profit Masters Course

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Online Profit Masters Course Scam Review

Can good money be made immediately through Online Profit Masters Course?

Sure. For the person running the scam… not you.

This is yet another link posting type scam that preys on people looking to make large sums of money working part time with little or no experience, for just a “small” up front charge to your credit card.

Sounds great, right? It usually does, until you dig a little deeper.

We did some digging for you. As is the case with many of these scams like Online Profit Masters System, little bits of information are changed in case you were to do your own research so they can avoid red flags others have mentioned.

For example, the “Online Profit Masters” site I saw today had no mention of Patty Joyner, who’s face (actually, a stock photo of someone’s face) was on earlier ads.

Some of the wildly exaggerated claims were missing from other versions as well – it seems they are trying to make their scam appear to be more real – legitimate.

It is still the same scam as before. The cost for their basic “service” is $97… but wait!… if you act now, they might only charge you $77!

Or $44! Or even less!

Well, that doesn’t seem so bad.

Except that doesn’t factor in what they would want to charge you for site design, domain names, dropship supply store information, DVDs, etc. Then perhaps a little more to get on their “VIP list”.

Still, you’ve only spent a couple hundred dollars or so……maybe you can do that?

But there’s more.

When you talk to someone from Online Profit Masters System, they will say “you have to spend money to make money”, and if you really want to make money they would be happy to provide you with a coach for only a few thousand more dollars.

I think you see where this is going.

If you are unhappy with Online Profit Masters’ service and try to get a refund, many people have had issues getting back their money as well.

“Guaranteed” is just a word – related to both what they can do for you and how you can get your money back if/when you realize you were just scammed.

I’ll use the word too – I guarantee you there are better ways to make money than with Online Profit Masters.

OK, so this is just my opinion based on my research.

Would you like the Better Business Bureau’s opinion of Online Profit Masters System?

OK…….they got an “F” grade.

Stay very, very far away from the Online Profit Masters!

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