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Online Money Business News Review

by David Harris

“Online Money Business News”, by Deborah Lee, found at, is a fake news website selling the link posting scam.

You’ll see many indications of a scam on the presentation page.

Starting with the fictional working mom Deborah Lee and her likewise fake success story.

She doesn’t exist in the real world.

And because she’s not real she certainly isn’t “America’s Number One Home Business Consultant”.

This scam redirects you to an old scam going around for years as Online Income Profits, which we’ve reviewed previously.

As soon it is exposed there will be another new scam site just like it under a different name.

As the same content gets duplicated without any changes made.

There are too many of them around for the authorities to go after them all, so we’re here to expose every one we find.

First, Online Money Business News is disguised as a news page.

But the scammers conveniently call it and all the other fake news sites “advertorials”.

These are designed to make you think they are news articles.

At the top, they use fake logos, and in this case, they call this fake rag a CNN page, which is a big fat lie.

It is a terrible gimmick from beginning to end which is primarily used to get you to sign up for the scam .

It redirects you to mentioned above.

Their first goal is to get you to give them your name, credit card number, email address and phone number.

They blatantly ask you to give up all this without describing anything about what you’d do to make this big money they claim.

Even after you join you still won’t know exactly.

This is because it is a gateway to a much bigger con game called the upsell.

More on that in a moment.

I should say at this point that Online Money Business News is not offering any type of real job.

In fact, it is an ad for a very unsafe and treacherous venture.

Please take the time to read the terms and disclaimers at the bottom of the page.

And you will see that the “article” is just empty hype.

This includes the use of the network news videos and logos right at the very top of the page.

Which they are not authorized to use.

They’re always stolen without the permission of those who produced it, too.

And the scammers who run Online Money Business News use it on all their scams without care.

Next to the fake mom’s fake story, you can see a generic image taken from public stock image sites.

The photos on the people’s phony comments are also stock images.

Other stock photos include the people enjoying a good lifestyle, and the mansion, luxury car and big boat that imply you can get these things by using this awful system.

Besides those, you’ll see income statements and a paycheck.

All photo-shopped and designed to bait you on the Online Money Business News hook.

The big fake check is dishonest.

You would actually get paid with either a lot of small checks or electronically from every 3rd party client’s ads you post that convert into a sale.

However, you’re lucky if you ever have interest from visitors browsing the sites your ad is in.

The chances are slim that anyone would even click on it.

It’s near impossible to earn a living with link posting, and even less so with scams like the one Online Money Business News redirects you to.

This is mostly due to the fact that you have to put money out of pocket to buy your ad space.

You will go broke before you realize this is a dud.

The problem with catching and prosecuting these crooks is that there is little to no budget, resources or manpower to go after scams like this.

The manpower is also in short supply to go after them each time they post these online scams.

Beware of real looking job titles and misleading certifications like Wealth Development Certification Program and Search Engine Agent Program.

They are not a thing.

The worst thing about this scam is the relentless boiler room sales floor slicksters.

Those who do their very best to get you to purchase even more costly business coaching “upsells” that are just no good at all.

Many have written to us about having been taken for as much as tens of thousands of dollars from the scam Online Money Business News redirects you to.

Regarding a refund forget it.

Customer service conveniently vanishes when you try to get your money back.

There are way more legitimate and safe methods you can find where you can make money from home with online business opportunities than this ripoff site.

You won’t find anything useful in Online Money Business News.

Avoid this horrible fake news scam.

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