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Online Jobs Now Review

by David Harris

“Online Jobs Now”, by Kelly Simmons and found at is a website cooked up to defraud you of your money with a scheme known as the link posting scam.

Many warning signs of a scam can be seen on the sales page of this website.

Starting with the fictional working mother Kelly Simmons and her also a fake tale of rags to riches success.

This woman does not exist in real life as the successful home business expert they claim she is.

Online Jobs Now has been re-churned and regurgitated for almost as long as the internet has been around.

It has been reappearing as a different one each time one gets exposed.

Each one is almost identical in every way with the exception of the scam name, URL link, and the woman’s name next to the same stock photo as the previous one.

There have been so many that authorities don’t have the resources or time to chase Online Jobs Now down.

Also, the scam runners are not within the US jurisdiction.

The owners, in fact, hide behind proxy hosts and servers so you cannot see who they are, or it would be easier to catch them.

The titles, for example, this one, Online Jobs Now, usually have some minor change and are so generic that they make it hard to get ranked so they can keep this sham going.

Everything on this site is nothing but hype and lies.

However, the real story is told in the disclaimers by their legal department, which basically says it’s all a lie in legalese.

If you land on their first page, the sign-in page, they ask for your basic personal data.

If you are reading this review before you sign in, don’t do it.

The reason is that once you give them your email address, phone number, and name they will have you in their sights as an easy target to send endless spam.

In case you did give your info to them and continue, that’s where the fake mom story and the mountain of malarkey begins.

Even after you opt-in to Online Jobs Now, they offer no details about the work you would have to do to make the money they claim you can make.

Once you’re inside the presentation page they show an urgent call to action with the old trick of warning you there are only 2 positions left as if they’re offering a job.

This is not a job.

What it is is a very risky home business venture that will never make anyone money but the crooks who operate it.

The stock photos include the people enjoying a good lifestyle, and the mansion, luxury car, and big boat that imply you can get these things by using their system.

None of it is real.

According to a trusted news source, the scammers who run this scam and many of the other link posting scams are being investigated for perpetrating this fraud under different websites.

Unfortunately, resources and agents are limited and it’s very difficult to go after Online Jobs Now.

Really, all you will get from the back office of this scam is poorly outdated training that is available for free in libraries and online.

Don’t be tricked into believing their fancy-sounding job titles and fake certifications like Wealth Development Certification Program and Search Engine Agent Program are actually a real thing in the real world.

Not only is it very hard to make any money worth mentioning by posting advertisement links on websites.

But you will have to spend more money to buy the ad space.

They show you a fake check on the sales page to make you think you can get them.

But the truth is that you get paid a bunch of checks in small amounts from the different clients for which you post your links.

However, getting people to click on your ads is much tougher than you may think.

This is because most people ignore those ad banners unless the product is something really special.

The absolute worst part of Online Jobs Now is the team of boiler room floor salespeople who are experts at getting as much money from their victims as they can.

Many people have been ripped off by these very same sales hounds who work the scams that go by all those different names.

Online Jobs Now is just a name, but the scam is all the same some of those who have complained say they get swindled for up to tens of thousands of dollars.

You will never get your money back either because there are no refunds.

You won’t find any customer service, especially once they’ve drained your bank account.

This is no way to make money from online home business ventures.

You can find real legit ones out there that won’t rip you off like Online Jobs Now, so avoid this scam like the plague.

Thanks for reading the scam review…

– David



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