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Online Income Profits

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Online Income Profits Scam Review

by David Harris

“Online Income Profits”, by Derek Johnson and found at, is another variation of the old link posting scam.

Link posting scams consist of posting ads online for clients who only pay you if someone clicks on your ad and buys something or becomes a lead or other payable action.

It’s rare that it happens because most of the time people are wary of clicking on those little ad banners.

That means you won’t make hardly anything posting links, and furthermore, you have to pay for the ad space as well so you will be out of pocket right from the start.

This is the scam that the Bobbie Robinson Work At Home Program scam takes you to when you click on their call to action link.

Those news network logos you see at the top of the pages are used without authorization from the news networks all to fool you into thinking their ads are shown on television.

The luxury cars, homes and boats are a fantasy you will never attain by using their online work from home scam program.

Most of what Online Income Profits teaches is so outdated as to frustrate you for certain reasons I will explain in a moment.

The initial fee they try to get you to pay starts at $97 then they bring out the pop ups that take it down to $47 each time to try to exit the site.

That’s because once you pay the fee to join they will then have your banking info on file.

You will also be bombarded with tons of spam after you’ve given them your personal data.

For your information, the data you give them will be sold to their clients, and those are the ones sending you their junk.

They then will keep on charging you more each month, including extra small charges so low you might not notice.

As to the guy on the presentation video, he is a paid actor reading a script right off the fake mom story from the other link posting scam websites.

In reality, there is no such person as Derek Johnson.

He is a fictional character these swindlers have made up to put a name and face on this troublesome web site.

This charade of hype continues once you join as a member.

Endless scam ad pages and spam pop-ups wear you down before you even get to any link posting info pages.

The link posting training included in Online Income Profits is actually pretty outdated and ineffective once you get to it.

They do this so you will become disappointed.

Then come the boiler room sales hounds and their upsells.

Disguised as your personal business consultants these aggressive salespeople will try their very best to have you buy way more expensive yet useless business coaching programs.

They will use many tricks including fake cert titles like Wealth Development Certification and Search Engine Agent Program to make you think you will be a certified internet marketing expert.

Many unhappy victims have spent thousands of dollars with little to no success and not for lack of trying.

Everybody suddenly vanishes once they know they’ve drained you of all the money they can get from you.

No customer service or support will be available once these carnies pull up their stakes.

If you try to get your money refunded to you it will be futile.

Please take a close look at the disclaimers because they tell the real story.

About the best thing you can do to stop the financial hemorrhaging is to cancel your cards and bank account and start over again with a new one.

Online Income Profits is nothing but a scam full of charlatans and crooks whose only job is to rip you off for as much as they can.

Stay far away from it.

Thanks for reading the scam review

– David



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