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Online Home Payday Scam Review

by David Harris

“Online Home Payday”, by Amy Sanders, (sometimes Kelly Scott), and found at, is a link posting scam, however, it’s so blatant that the site design is directly from previous scams without any changes.

Whether you happen by chance to go to or have been sent to Online Home Payday by a spam email message you will se that the website name is different.

That can only mean that the scammers who run these sites just don’t care anymore if they’re fooling anyone.

That just makes our job easier to expose them. Online Home Payday is, as previously mentioned, what’s called a link posting scam.

This means you supposedly would be making money online from home with affiliate marketing of some sort, usually placing ads on sites.

You post the ads up everywhere you can in hopes somebody will click on your banners or ad spots and an even slimmer chance of people who click on the ad would actually buy something from your link.

Online Home Payday does not tell you anything about this type of risky venture or that it’s not a good way to make money online.

In fact, Online Home Payday is a bait and switch con with the usual tricks to fool those new to it and desperate to earn a living online.

They throw the usual generic photos of luxury cars, mansions and yachts to deceptively enticing you with, but nobody ever gets that rich except for the operators of Online Home Payday.

Further down on the Online Home Payday, scam site design is a rigged calculator that “figures out” what they claim you would be making. It’s not a real thing.

Other gimmicks Online Home Payday uses are the fake testimonials with stock images next to them you can find on public photo sites and the news logos.

Online Home Payday uses network news channel logos at the top of their pages yet they are not authorized to use them.

Don’t believe for a second that the no skills required, no experience, and only a half hour work per day hype is genuine. It’s all designed to lure in unsuspecting people.

Incidentally, the fake mom, Kelly Scott, is manufactured to work on your emotions and create an impulse to join Online Home Payday for $97 dollars.

You will never get that money back because there are neither a refund policy nor customer support and – the fake VeriSign and other security links at the bottom of the site do not function either.

The real motive for Online Home Payday and scams like it is to unleash their boiler room sales monsters to rip you off of a lot more money than what you paid to join.

We have received complaints from many readers who got caught in their sleazy nets and taken for as much as tens of thousands of dollars.

Online Home Payday’s salespeople will do the same if you let them.

I should say it really doesn’t matter that they didn’t bother to sync up the right URL for the right business name or design for Online Home Payday.

All scams with the fake working mom, Amy Sanders, or alternately Kelly Scott, and her phony story and all the other tricks Online Home Payday uses are basically the same with small changes in the site designs.

However, when they get this sloppy it tells us that the scammers know people will waste good money on their scams anyway until sites like ours expose them.

If you are wondering how they get away with it, that’s because there really is no way to go after them all as they usually kill the exposed links and pop another scam site like Online Home Payday right up after.

We are a small band of scam watchdogs here at ScamXposer so we would like to thank and acknowledge our readers who submit the ones they find to us like they did with Online Home Payday.

As for this scam, get far away from Online Home Payday and any other scam sites that look like it.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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I know this web site presents quality based posts and other material, is there any other web page which provides these kinds of stuff in quality?

Wow i just joined and i felt like it was a scam. I guess i got suckered too. People please do something about these dishonest crooks.

I had the same experience. Signed up because of the 60 day refund policy. Called after 3 weeks to get a refund, was told I had to wait 30 days. Called after the 30 days were up, now they don’t answer their phones, just get a recording to leave a message. They haven’t returned my calls.

I wish I had read this beforehand. I just got scammed by them and sign up. And now there’s no way of getting my refund back as they guaranteed.

Thanks for letting us know.I guess there is all kind of thieves in this world……….??????


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