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Online Home Cash

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Online Home Cash Scam Review

by David Harris

“Online Home Cash”, by Bobbie Robinson and found at, is a new twist on the swindle known as the link posting scam.

The scammers who come up with scams like Online Home Cash details h changed things up with a new design, but it’s an old dog with new fleas.

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Online Home Cash is full of new misinformation camouflaged as a job opportunity with which they declare anyone can make a lot of money just by posting advertising links.

This time, they did away with the old tired usage of a fictional person and the concocted story made to work on emotional impulses.

A few weeks ago, they had the old garbage with fictional single mother, Bobbie Robinson, telling you how she became rich using Online Home Cash.

The scammers took that out and replaced it with a more legit looking business overview to make Online Home Cash look more convincing.

This new design is a lot more dangerous in that it really does look more official and straightforward.

It is far from what the truth really is. This is a bad business model as any honest affiliate marketing expert will tell you.

The minute Online Home Cash is exposed the scammers will publish other new scam sites under different names and now they will be changing their designs..

This actual scam, Online Home Cash, has a new list of deceiving ploys. The first page the opt-in page uses the standard scammer design that is easy to spot.

This design comes with the typical unauthorized use of some news networks’ logos at the top.

According to a trusted source, absolutely no scams like Online Home Cash ever have permission to use them.

You will not find any explanation of what Online Home Cash has you do to earn the vast sums of money they claim you will make, yet they have you opt-in to the next page with your email address.

You will see at the top the old “9 positions available” deception tactic. Online Home Cash does not have a single job offer on their site.

It is a very risky home business venture that does not explain the business model.

Online Home Cash did away with the usual tricks this time, including fake income statements, fake comments and other worn out ploys, but it’s still a scam nonetheless.

The only difference between Online Home Cash and the other link posting scams is their new more streamlined second page design.

However, the details are rather vague in Online Home Cash’s descriptions of what services they feature, mostly just bullet points of really basic concepts and a periodical newsletter.

Online Home Cash charges $97 fee to join their program for 6 months.

They claim in that time they have about a hundred basic training videos discounted from $197.

Even $97 is too much for basic clips you can find anywhere online for free or far cheaper.

The real bait and switch comes when Online Home Cash comes a-ringin’.

Online Home Cash unleash their team of seedy boiler room sales operators on you to get more of your money by upselling their even more expensive “coaching” programs that can run into tens of thousands of dollars.

Those pricey upsells tend to be of very little to no value while filling your head with phony titles and fake certifications with lofty sounding titles such as Wealth Development Certification Program and Search Engine Agent Program.

You will have to keep a close eye on your bank account because 9.9 times out of 10 they take money out without notifying you or emailing you a statement or bill every month.

Online Home Cash is a very risky loss gamble that really only make the operators who run these scams all the money.

There are many far better ways to make money online from home.

Online Home Cash will not only not help you make any money with link posting, it will drain your bank account with no hope of refunds because there is no real money back policy.

When you will see the VeriSign other security links at the bottom of the Online Home Cash page you can tell they are not active. It’s just a show.

It will do you no good to deal with in business with this scam. Forget about Online Home Cash.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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exactly this is absolutely fake i tried so many times to open money approval link but there no use of that link.

exactly this is absolutely fake i tried so many times to open money approval link but there no use of that link

I did it last month and earned about $785 I Was congratulate, and Was told that My earnings were approved, uptil Now I dont know how to get The money I , so I Just got involved in a fruitless venture.

Fatma Kibwana on :

I went through exactly what Zeddy Nzuki went through…after reaching 325Dollar’s was unable to claim as above explained. cheat!

zeddy nzuki on :

I did it yesterday out of opuriosity and after attaining Usd 300,they congratulated me and told me that my payment has been approved,then i was directed to link to fill a form for claiming My pay,the link could not open then i got stranded and my efforts proved futile


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