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Online Home Careers Scam Review

by David Harris

Ryan Stephens’ “Online Home Careers” is a complete scam.  It’s not just a copycat link posting scam – though it’s that too – but it’s also just another link in a chain of scams with different names leading you eventually to the same payment location.

So in actuality, it’s all just one big scam.

What Online Home Careers has going for it, is it’s “new”.  Well, of course not really new… but the names are new.  People running scams need to stay one step ahead of the people exposing scams so when you search for them there is less negative publicity established.

This “Online Home Careers” ripoff has a fresh coat of paint.

There is more than one way to get to Online Home Careers, and depending on what route you take, you could pay a different amount.

The Ryan Stephens “story” takes you through the usual process to grab your attention:  “my life was terrible, …I wanted more, …I found this amazing thing, …now everything is awesome and I’m going to share it with you… at a discount!“.

Wow, that’s awesome, right?

“Ryan Stephens” says he paid $297 for the hardcopy version of this and he’ll let you have all this for only $97.95!  Or, from another ‘Online Home Careers’ site that doesn’t include Ryan’s story you can get the $197 scam for only $77.95!  Such a deal, right?  And that doesn’t include the “extra products” that include VIP for an additional $997, site designs for $240, and other add-ins.  (Which are both, by the way, much more expensive than previous charges for the same scam.)

But “Online Home Careers” isn’t about price comparison.  The most important and only thing you really need to know is that Online Home Careers is a ripoff.  Let me give you a specific example of this particular ripoff trail – and I will tell you in advance it ends up at the Online Profit Masters scam.

Better Business Bureau – BBB Online rating for the “Online Profit Masters System” is…?


Since this scam’s name is new, you may very well have gotten to my site directly from seeing either Ryan Stephens and/or Online Home Careers in a new advertising campaign and decided to check into it further.  But earlier there was (and still is) a “Weekly Jobs Report” scam, which features a fictitiously named “Melissa Johnson”. She got her opportunity to make money through “Michelle Taylor’s” Home Jobs Revealed course.

When you click on her course, you are directed to… Online Home Careers!


The same exact system Ryan Stephens is “selling” in Online Home Careers!

OK, so maybe Melissa and Ryan both just happened to take advantage of the same wonderful opportunity?

Well….no.  I already gave away the ending, remember?

They both take you to the aforementioned ‘Online Profit Masters’ payment page.  And again, that has already been proven to be a scam.

Everything from the fake television networks they have supposedly been featured on – complete with network logos to look authentic and fake news stories/actors/reporters – to the fake certified testimonials (if you were to actually click on them, you would get either nothing or another page asking you for your information), the ridiculous claims of instant wealth for such little time invested with no experience, the exaggerated link posting myths, the risk free no-questions-asked guarantees.

There are so many repeat claims that run from completely misleading to total fabrications that are simply designed to get your money.

And the real, desperate attention grabbing stuff like “you have to do this in 90 seconds!”…….”we only have one more spot open in your community!” (when they would be quite happy to have everybody from your community pay them for the scam)….. and of course the one last pop-up when you decide it’s not for you and try to close out that offers “one more chance for an even greater discount!”.

Any of this sound familiar?

Online Home Careers – with or without “Ryan Stephens”, is a complete waste of your time and money.

I do not recommend “Online Home Careers”.

Thanks for reading.

– David


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