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Online Home Careers University

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Online Home Careers University Scam Review

By David Harris

“Online Home Careers University” by “Melissa Mayer” and found at is another one of those pesky scam sites that use the link posting scam which includes the fictional working mom tugging at your emotions to get you to fall for it.

Online Home Careers University claims anyone can make lots of money in no time at all with no skills or experience either. Their claims are not true because this type of work takes a lot of time to make any kind of money, and it usually doesn’t, assuming the business is genuine, which it’s not.

‘Online Home Careers University’ has logos of news channels at the top of the pages to sow the idea that they’ve been endorsed by them. However, look below in their disclaimers you will see that vague statement “work from home opportunities have been featured” on those news outlets.

The truth is that news corporations have absolutely nothing to do with them. They are very misleading in this and many other ways. For example, that there is a real Melissa Mayer let alone her position as “the number one job consultant in America” is highly suspect. You won’t find any real info on this character anywhere.

Online Home Careers University won’t elucidate what they actually teach before you even register your, but even worse, there is in reality no actual certification anywhere in the world for the type of thing they offer, It is quite a clue that it is a scam.

This type of website is a clone of other scams and only by changing business names and the working mom’s name help them to avoid showing up on the searches with negative reviews. You will see the same generic photo next to the mom is the exact one used on the other scam sites with different mom’s names.

The infamous fake paycheck rears its ugly head. The same gray colored check you might have seen on other get rich quick scam sites, with the same check number and a different amount every time! They change the payee’s names every time, as if no one would notice!

This is actually a bait and switch con game that ropes you in so their awful boiler room sales people can wrangle more and more money out of you til you’re account is drained then they dump you by the figurative side of the road.

Home Careers University is a very nasty venture. I would stay very far away from Online Home Careers University. It is not even a real university by the way!

I do not recommend “Online Home Careers University”.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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