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Online Data Entry Jobs

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Online Data Entry Jobs Scam Review

by David Harris

Online Data Entry Jobs, by Laura Kauth and found at, is an affiliate marketing “business opportunity” – not a real place to find real data entry jobs, so right from the start you are misled into wasting time if you’re looking for honest work.

If companies like Online Data Entry Jobs would be more upfront about what they are doing with affiliate marketing then they would not be such an easy target for me to aim at like ducks in a barrel.

Yet they continue to deceive, so I must shoot.

I barely typed Laura Kauth’s first 2 letters on her last name on Google before the full name popped up with the word ‘scams’ after it.

That tells me volumes but the pages of complaints following told the full tale.

The red flags are bright and shiny here, including the wording, claims made and assurances offered.

They are all contradicted and disclaimed later in the earnings disclosure and policy pages Online Data Entry Jobs hopes you won’t bother to read.

Then there are your standard pop-up windows blasting a discount expiring in minutes if you don’t ACT NOW!

Every deceptive tool Online Data Entry Jobs can use to pull a sucker in is used in this scam.

The fake income statement photo and added “bonus” ebooks of outdated or nonsense material priced at over-inflated worth make it all look attractive to the newcomer as if they add value to the sign up fee of fifty dollars.

The truth is that a company should not charge anything to those applying for work at a legitimate job.

This is just a cruel joke.

It not only hurts those who throw their money away thinking Online Data Entry Jobs is legit, but it hurts the company as well.

Those wanting to try affiliate marketing that might be able to be successful at it could make Online Data Entry Jobs real and honest money if they know what they’re getting into from the beginning.

Instead, Online Data Entry Jobs practices deceitful con-man schemes, making themselves not only look like crooks, but an easy target for folks like me to expose for the swindlers they are.

Seems as if it’s easier for them to swindle suckers than it is to actually run a successful business in an honest way, but it’s not.

It gets worse.

Companies like Online Data Entry Jobs do nothing more than trick you into paying to advertise for them.

Once they have you paying to advertise for them they sit back and make the lion’s share of profits from any products sold by you without having to spend one cent on advertising themselves.

If you really knew this you’d ask why you’d do it.

So it’s far easier for them to keep the con going than to be up front and really teach you how to do it right.

Working with Google can be a complex matter but it can be rewarding when truly mastered.

You won’t get that from Online Data Entry Jobs so stay far away from this scam.

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