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Online Cash

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Online Cash Scam Review

by David Harris

“Online Cash”, by Amanda Jones and found at, is another horrible link posting scam that has been replicated time and time again over the years with the same exact design every time.

The only thing that changes in these scams is the link names and the fictional moms’ names. Online Cash offers no information as to what it is you’d be doing to make the ridiculous sums of money they claim you’ll be making.

We work to find these scam sites every time because they never end. We are very familiar with these rip off sites and you will get the truth about Online Cash from us here.

Online Cash falsely advertises that you can make lots of money with them yet they continue to withhold facts, falsify examples of income earned and even post fake testimonials from non-existent people.

The only ones who make money from Online Cash are the scammers who run this rip off site, mostly from unsuspecting newcomers looking to make easy money from home.

Online Cash also use the standard gimmick of claiming that there are “only 2 positions available in your area for the job”, then they just take you right to the buy page without any further explanation.

The design of Online Cash’s scam website makes it look like it’s legitimate with the news logos at the top. If you read at the bottom in the disclaimers you will see that they have nothing to do with them.

If you wonder why our own government has not been able to stop the scammers who run these cons is that the ownerships are always hidden by proxy through shell corporations and such usually in Russia or somewhere like that.

That and the claim from sources who say Russian mobsters are behind junk like Online Cash, so that we our government is unable to reach their jurisdiction.

Now, even when you opt in to Online Cash, they will still not tell you everything, but they like to use phony titles and certification programs like Wealth Development Certification Program and Search Engine Agent.

The only reason these sites exist is for you to give them your credit card info so they can take as much as they can out of it without your authorization later on.

The Online Cash scam sales team works aggressively to up-sell you to more expensive programs that will cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

These programs are very expensive and are nothing but worthless business consulting/coaching programs that will not help you at all ever.

Online Cash’s refund policy is also deplorable, but I’m sure you guessed this by now. Their customer support is only supportive as long as you keep the credit card on tap for them to drain.

Believe me when I say that you will gain nothing from Online Cash. Don’t get yourself mixed up in this swindle.

Thanks for reading

– David


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