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Online Cash Direct

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Online Cash Direct Scam Review

by David Harris

“Online Cash Direct”, by Sue Thompson and found at, is a rip off website known as a link posting scam.

Sites like Online Cash Direct usually com with a fake working mom and a concocted success story but this time that the site design is a bit different.

The updated Online Cash Direct redesign has done away with all the usual suspects and replaced them with a brief and dry information page after the opt-in or landing page.

Online Cash Direct has reduced the hype and fabrications but it’s still a dangerous venture no matter how they try to redress it.

This seems to signify that the scammers who run sites like Online Cash Direct have realized that people are beginning to catch on to their schemes.

However, we have seen this theme on other scams like Online Cash Direct and we can tell you it’s just another variation on the link posting scam.

Online Cash Direct claims that with their system you can make money online from home by placing ads on sites.

You post the ads up everywhere you can in hopes somebody will click on your banners or ad spots and an even slimmer chance of people who click on the ad would actually buy something from your link.

Online Cash Direct gives out no information on what this risky venture is all about and that is a clear sign that this is no way to make money online from home.

Online Cash Direct really is a kind of bait and switch trick designed to reel in desperate people seeking a way to earn a living online.

However, you would end up wasting way more money than you’d ever make with Online Cash Direct, but they will never say that up front.

Instead, they lure you in with stock photos of expensive cars, homes and boats to make you believe they would be all yours by joining Online Cash Direct for about a hundred bucks.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. At least in this new design Online Cash Direct did away with gimmicks like the fake testimonials but left in the icons of network news logos.

Online Cash Direct has them at the top of their pages without the consent of the networks. It’s a wonder they don’t get shut down, but there are just too many scams like this to bring them all down.

Online Cash Direct claims that it’s not necessary for you to have any skills or experience and that you’ll only spend about a half hour work every day to make the vast sums of money they hype on their sales page.

Usually they employ a tactic that shows a fictional working mother and her fairy tale story. This new design has removed Sue Thompson from the equation but Online Cash Direct is no less a scam.

The real motive for Online Cash Direct and scams like it is to unleash their boiler room sales monsters to rip you off of a lot more money than what you paid to join. They are very good at it so be wise.

We have received complaints from many readers who got caught in their sleazy nets and taken for as much as tens of thousands of dollars. Online Cash Direct’ sales people will do the same if you let them.

If you are unlucky to have joined Online Cash Direct you won’t have any way to get your money back because there is no refund policy and there is no customer support.

Don’t be fooled by those fake VeriSign security links on the bottom of the Online Cash Direct page as they’re only there for show. It’s another trick to lure unsuspecting people.

Online Cash Direct is a good way to lose a lot more money than you came in with so do try and avoid it at all costs.

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