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News Daily 7 Scam Review

by David Harris

News Daily 7, at, is a scam! Let me give this review (that would hold true for all the many various forms of this copycat scam) a title:

“Bowling For Dollars”

Here’s how many of these scams work…..including News Daily 7. Their exaggerated claims of wealth you can attain with no experience, little time, and a “small investment” could be compared to entering into a bowling tournament with the highest scores winning a large amount of money. In this example/analogy, the Bowling For Dollars tournament is a real tournament with a real purse. (For those of you who are unfamiliar with bowling, they really do have these contests.)

Getting the highest score in a tournament can win you the most money. Similarly, making the most money from link posting, achieved from actual sales using legitimate affiliated marketing strategies can eventually get you in position to make some money. (Nowhere near the amount or speed in which these bogus sites claim, of course.)

But the scam operators – as opposed to legitimate companies – stack the deck. That’s how they prey upon you and rip you off!

In a bowling tournament, you give them your entry fee, and they give you a bowling ball……..and shoes if you need them. The end. Good luck.

If you give the scam companies say – for example – $99.95, they tell you they will give you what you need to basically “knock down the pins”. That sounds like it might be ok, right? What have you got to lose?! Shoot, you were so lucky that you somehow even got a discount to something even lower…..perhaps even $49.95! Well shoot…..surely that’s not too much to risk!

And then they hand you a ping pong ball (if they don’t just take your money and run). “Well”, you tell them…..”I can’t knock down many pins with a ping pong ball!” The scam company representative responds by informing you that you might find these other “extras” to be helpful, they just cost more money – but it will help you knock down even more pins!

So you really need this upgrade – and it’s only “this much more money”, but wow is it ever going to be helpful! That’s worthless up sell number one……but you don’t know this yet. You authorize them to take more money from your credit card……..they say “thank you” and hand you a tennis ball!

Oh c’mon now! No way that’s enough to win the “tournament”, and you know it! Guess what – so do they. But the “answer” for you – now that you’re this far in – is the next step. You pay more for a “VIP Membership”, and get a baseball. More gets you a softball. Then a volleyball.

I hate to say this, but if you for some reason still decide to keep giving them more money at this point hoping to eventually get an actual bowling ball to at least level the playing field – outside of the key fact that you’re not even an experienced bowler like many of the other tournament entrants (key point!)……I’m afraid it might be way too late for you!

So there’s the analogy. Here’s the facts with News Daily 7 (and all the other scams exactly like it!).

It’s fake! “Kelly Richards” – if you got that version of News Daily 7, as these scams always try to attach new fictitious names – and her stories are fake. The comment section (“hey those people seem to be really happy with this company!”)…….fake too. If you click on the highlighted time of each comment, it takes you to a payment place with a different name I’ll tell you more about later.

The blurry photo of a check “Kelly” got?…….fake. Stock footage. Here’s a good one: the local weather report link? Real! I’m not kidding – it’s real! Now that’s a nice creative twist on how to rip people off! “Well shoot…..if they know what my weather is going to be like, that must mean 1) it’s real, and 2) it’s in my area, right?

What a psychological ploy They knew your IP address once you pulled their ad/story up, so it links you to a real site in your area that’s a trusted source for something – in this case the weather. If you trust the weather site, perhaps you can trust them?!

No, you cannot trust them.

Earlier I told you when you decide to go with News Daily 7, the payment page was a different named company. The company that takes your payment is Online Profit Masters – an already proven well known scam which is in essence a clearing house for many different-named scams! Kelly Richards News Daily 7 is another nearly brand new scam company (technically just the name of a fake-new scam company), and their payment page also takes you to Online Profit Masters to pay.

That is just another example of how these untrustworthy scams are intertwined with and “related to” each other.

There is such a huge number of them that it is virtually impossible to simply search each opportunity by yourself, hoping to stumble on a “real” one. Especially if one of the appeals to you in the first place is any site that would tell you that you don’t have to know much about this or spend much time to make a great deal of money!

This is why we do what we do. If we can through due diligence and an honest approach find out what’s real and what isn’t… what’s valuable and what isn’t… then we can prevent real, innocent people from being taken advantage of by people who’s sole goal and role is to prey on them for financial gain.

We would be happy if all scams were exposed. News Daily 7 is definitely one of them!

Thanks for reading…

– David


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