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Net Income Source

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Net Income Source Review

by David Harris

“Net Income Source”, found at, is a scam website with a new and different design than the usual suspects, but it is still known as the link posting scam.

This recent alternate website design is a new twist on the old scam sites with the fake working mom story everyone has most likely seen by now, and that is a clear reason for the change up.

So now, it is the same old wolf in new sheep’s clothing.

Meaning it is the same old scam, but not only under a different name and URL, but also a different appearance that will fool many more people than the old design.

The reason is that this new design looks a little more business-like, makes it inherently more dangerous, as people will be bound to take them seriously as a way to make money online from home.

I concede that Net Income Source will be new to many of you, so let’s go over the details basics of how this scam works.

It amounts to your typical bait and switch con game.

They lure you in with the promise of riches on which they never deliver.

Their empty hype entices people with the claim that you will not need computer skills, internet knowhow or marketing experience.

They will throw meaningless made up certification titles at you that don’t really exist in the real world.

For example, Wealth Development Certification and Search Engine Agent Program are just two offhand.

Now with this new business web site like design, mainly those with a trained eye can really spot the con.

The first thing they have done is to eliminate the old news network logos they didn’t have authorization to advertise anyway.

Instead, there is a fanned out display of hundred dollar bills at the top right corner.

Cash is always alluring.

This evil genius tactic proves it works, as hundreds of people have fallen for it time and time again.

Now, take a moment to read the bottom of the page disclaimers and fine print.

That is where you will find the real legal information refuting all the hype on the presentation.

This new design is blatantly rushing you to give them your bank card information right on the first page before you can even see what it is all about.

No real and legitimate business runs a company website in this manner.

Add the two fake shill comments next to stock images telling you how they made tens of thousands using Net Income Source.

This is very deceptive false advertising.

There is no way you can make that much money in a tired overused link posting system that has been oversaturated for years.

Also, the amount of money you would have to spend in advance to buy ad space will leave you broke and recouping it will be near impossible.

The next gimmick they use is to throw promises of getting paid “by companies like Amazon”.

Amazon does not endorse scams like this, and you definitely do not get paid by companies like it.

The people running these scams used to post fake photo-shopped sample checks with huge amounts but watchdog consumer advocate sites like ours constantly exposed that lie so they have done away with that con, too.

However, they have replaced it with their $1.95 call to action that discounts the supposed 59 dollar fee to join.

Again, read the disclaimer to see them after a few “trial” days, they charge you almost 30 bucks monthly from then on.

Still, they offer no description of what the work entails.

At the very least they have done away with the pictures of mansions, yachts, and luxury cars.

In their place is a splash ad with the promise of “live customer support from real people.

Beware. That is also deceptive advertising.

There really is no customer support, other than the boiler room salespeople who will aggressively try to get you to spend lots more on their worthless upsells.

Again, the disclaimers are at the bottom.

However, the fine print is a light gray colored small font against a white background that makes it hard to see.

Most people have complained that no one gets in touch with them after they have spent thousands of dollars and cannot pay anymore.

Some have even been insulted by the sales reps when their well runs dry.

If you are unlucky enough to join, the first things you see are the endless pages and pop-ups of third party spam and cross-sells that only amount to a money pit if you fall for them and pay their fees to join.

Another horrible account of user complaints is how they make even more money from your account in small amounts you won’t even register in your mind.

But over time they add up to no small chump change if you can figure it out enough to add it all up.

Net Income Source will do this without your authorization if you’re not vigilant.

All you can do is cancel your account and bank cards at this point because you will never get a refund.

The best course of action is to completely avoid Net Income Source and the spam email ads they send you.

It is an awful scam variation on the old one we previously reviewed here with the fake working mom, Michelle Johnson at Internet Income Source, another clone work from home scam site posing as a way to help you make money.

Avoid that and Net Income Source at all costs!

Thanks for reading the review

– David


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