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Mystery Shopper Employment Agency

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Mystery Shopper Employment Agency – Scam Review

Mystery Shopper Employment Agency, by Karen Somers found at, is a company that charges you a fee to join to get access to their database of mystery shopping companies that recruit people to evaluate other companies and products anonymously or undercover.

This type of “business opportunity” is one of the most well known as the scheme scammers and con-men use to rip people off. Even my next door neighbor, knowing what I do, asked what those text messages meant about paying her to be a mystery shopper.

Before I review Mystery Shopper Employment Agency I feel I must describe how the con works. Then we shall see if this company falls under the scam category or if they are who they say they are.

Even before I do that, I must say that this scam is perpetrated so frequently that the legitimate mystery shopping companies got together and formed the MSPA, or, Mystery Shopping Providers Association. More on this later…

The con: in a nutshell, there are variations on the theme but the essence of it is to get the victims to cash the check the scammers send them and to wire money from it back to the scam artist. They tell you to keep your share and that’s the bait.

They explain in twisted logic how this is reasonable. The trick is to make it seem really great and normal so you will go along with them. Before you know it, your bank alerts you that the check is no good and your account is negative funds.

The thieves run off into the cover of night, so to speak, leaving you holding the debt. You will never hear from them ever again. The scam targets so many people that even my next door neighbor was targeted.

I’ve been approached too. I always suggest that once approached you should alert the authorities. Don’t just let them keep doing it.

Mystery Shopper Employment Agency does a different type of routine. They charge you thirty four dollars to join in exchange for their list of hundreds of shopper companies that you could find for free on Google.

You have to wait a couple of weeks before they send you their list. Why you should wait so long in this day of instant downloads raises some red flags. They make no guarantee you will be hired by any of the companies on their database.

After a thorough search, I could not find the Mystery Shopper Employment Agency to be listed with the MSPA. Furthermore, it is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau or Dunn and Bradstreet.

In case you did happen to sign up with Mystery Shopper Employment Agency, be sure you don’t get recurring charges, just to be on the safe side. Real mystery shopping businesses have certain standards and procedures that distinguish them from scammers.

First, they do not charge you nor send you fake checks to cash and wire them back money. Most importantly, they evaluate and train qualified workers without charging them for this.

If you are approached and unsure about who they are, it is best to look them up with the MSPA, the state attorney general, and the BBB. In my opinion, Mystery Shopper Employment Agency falls under scam category because I could not find them in any reputable consumer advocate agency.

I also deem it a scam because they charge you money for a service that you can do for yourself free of charge, and because they claim you will get work, when the truth is there is no guarantee anybody on their list will hire you.

Stay away from Mystery Shopper Employment Agency, and truly, most mystery shopper businesses that send you emails and texts claiming you will make thousands of dollars weekly with them.

Thanks for reading

– David


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