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MyFFI Review

by David Harris | Updated on May 9, 2022, at 10:01 AM:

MyFFI is from the infamous MLM duo, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, and found at

It’s a multi-level marketing venture that uses a fuel additive treatment as its main product to attract recruitment to its downline.

These two also have another multi-level marketing business called Jeunesse that has also had its share of complaints.

MyFFI is also known as Fuel Freedom and Forever Freedom.

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The amount of complaints posted online against MyFFI is massive and, no wonder, several states have previously busted them in court for false claims and sub-par products.

One attorney general had it analyzed and stated that it was partially made up of the chemical used in mothballs and is very toxic.

As much as I love my automotive hobby, I won’t get into too many technical issues about MyFFI.

One unhappy customer felt the damage to their car right on the freeway fast lane after using the additive for several weeks.

Many experts call most of these fuel additives junk because they end up messing up the sensors and onboard computer systems of most cars with residual gunk.


Not too technical.

Many claims say MyFFI either faked their tests, didn’t test properly, or even that they never really tested at all, but surely that kind of irresponsibility is unlikely.

Then there are a few that swear the gas treatment works for them.

Mostly, though, they say it to recruit others to recruit more. The gas treatment product is just that, a product to keep MyFFI from looking like a pyramid scheme.

But no matter the product complaints, the MLM side also has its share of failings.

MyFFI had the audacity to move downlines around without the sponsor owners’ permission.

That is a big no-no.

This type of MLM is so notorious it actually has a nickname for it, the Save Gas Ripoff.

You join with what they call a $29.95 Associate fee.

There is also an annual maintenance fee of at least $20 dollars.

Then you have to pay at least $60 bucks a month, buy a minimum of $100 worth of product; and then if you manage to get someone in your downline you won’t be paid very much.

They will, of course, tell you that getting the $1,300 package helps you make more money, but it only helps the people above you. You will need at least 2 people to ‘activate team commissions’.

When your team sells a total of 900 you get a commission of fifty bucks.

Not really anything to write home about and at that rate you spend more on products than you are making.

The commission plan I read was so convoluted and confusing, and for good reason.

Most people don’t bother reading complex documents.

They count on this, so when there are misunderstandings, MyFFI can use the various loopholes in their contracts to worm their way out of anything.

So take into account questionable leadership unscrupulous tampering with downlines, a baffling commission structure, the dubious nature of MyFFI’s product, and the fact that I don’t recommend MLMs.

Add to that the thousands of complaints about MyFFI and you can surmise that I will not only not recommend MyFFI in any way possible, but I’m calling it an outright scam.

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