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My Top Tier Business

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My Top Tier Business Review

by David Harris

My Top Tier Business by Matt Lloyd and found at, is another recycled internet marketing business using the affiliate training system as its lure.

You’ve seen the many that are out there and this does nothing to separate itself.

They boast of planes, mansions and yachts yet nobody who uses these systems ever seems to get any combination of those fancy things.

This is no better.

My Top Tier Business starts with yet another of those insidious videos that would be laughable if it wasn’t trying to siphon money out of people and worse since they promise you in the video that they won’t!

Yet here we are, being asked by the owner of My Top Tier Business to give up our email addresses after watching it for 20 wasted minutes you will never get back.

Then here comes the next little squeeze.

After My Top Tier Business promises that you won’t have to spend a dime, they go ahead anyway and ask you for $49 dollars worth of dimes.

For what, you may ask?

Nothing more than you’ve already wasted on countless other hyped up marketing miracles that never ever help you make it to another tax bracket, but wait, there’s more!

The next squeeze is a big one.

Say you went and signed up with My Top Tier Business and paid the fee.

Now comes the bait and switch.

The call comes after you’ve checked out a few of their lessons and a boiler room pro tells you a $2,000 license is required to go further to get to the real earnings.

It’s a cheap leverage tactic only a total newcomer might fall for and often do. Even a business license at City Hall won’t run you anything near that to start.

If I need a $2,000 license to be an affiliate marketer, it’s news to me.

It’s not real estate, Wall Street or a hospital.

You really don’t.

This is why My Top Tier Business and this character, Matt Lloyd if he even exists, can legally say they’ve made money with this system.

They just don’t say how. Now you know.

At $2,000 a pop after almost a $50 join fee when they first told you it would cost you nothing, I’d say I’m making lots of money with My Top Tier Business too!

You’re probably aware that I did not go into too much detail about what affiliate marketing is, but if this were a real opportunity I would be more informative.

Don’t even bother with this sad scam.

This is anything but top tier for everybody but these con-men.

My Top Tier Business is a scam.

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