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My Online Success Plan

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My Online Success Plan Review

by David Harris

My Online Success Plan, by Jordan Daniels and found at, is a very risky scheme known as link posting.

My Online Success Plan is also known by a few other names including Mo’s Success Plan, Online Success Plan, and Jordan Daniels’ Millionaire Website.

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Daniels also runs another infamous link posting scam known as Online Riches University.

In the past, it has utilized the notorious fake working moms, Mary Johnson and Melissa Mayer among other fake names.

Speaking of fake names, even Jordan Daniels is highly likely to be fictional too.

As you won’t find anything on a guy that claims to make a cool million every 2 months working online.

In any case, Daniels, real or otherwise has a terrible reputation as a notorious scammer, so that is the biggest red flag in this My Online Success Plan scam.

Another big red flag is their urgent call to action gimmick that claims there are only 50 positions available at Online Success Plan.

It is not a job opportunity so why is it limited to 50?

There are no positions here.

It is definitely NOT a job, but rather only a very risky business venture that will only leave you broke and angry.

If you go back a week later to the Online Success Plan website you will see the very same number of “positions left”.

Which is either really sad that no one filled them, or it’s just a lame ploy to get you excited that you made it before they all ran out.

Other red flags include the ever-popular scammer trick of using network news logos at the top of the page so as to appear endorsed…

Which they are most certainly not.

If you take a look at the disclaimers, you will see that their lawyers were smart enough to admit there are neither endorsements nor authorization to use those any of those news logos or icons.

The generally vague video presentation is the same one used in many of these scams.

It was taken from real news networks without their permission.

Try as you might, you will never really see any descriptions of what the work will entail.

Nothing here will make you as rich as they claim you’ll be by using My Online Success Plan.

It is very vague on purpose.

If you really knew how flimsy their product really was then none of the hype would be of any help to the scammers who run it.

Beware the 1st-page opt-in fields that ask for your personal info including your phone number and email.

You can expect to be spammed on both incessantly because your information will be sold over and over.

It is their ruse that giving that info up is for a “free one on one business consultation” or coaching session.

But the real truth is the “coaches” are nothing but boiler room sales hounds.

I say hounds because they will do their best to take bites out of your wallet until your money is gone and leave you lying there, picked clean.

I assure you this is not an exaggeration.

You will find many complaints from unhappy people who got conned and taken for $1000s by these crafty salespeople at My Online Success Plan.

Another red flag is the “discounted” join fee from $297 to 97, but when you try to exit the site, a pop-up box drops down to $77.

Beware the $500 “refund” this scam claims they will give you if you want to quit after 30 days.

There are a lot of traps and conditions making it impossible to get that refund.

Even if you did somehow qualify, they still wouldn’t give it to you.

Also, they promise cars, boats, and mansions if you get to some unfeasible level of sales income they dangle in front of you for false motivation.

There is not one honest testimonial online of anybody whoever got that car, let alone any substantial earnings.

The only thing about this terrible swindle that is in any way entertaining is their hilarious and ludicrous video presentation, with Daniel’s dubious rags to riches story and unbelievably laughable hype.

All you will end up with is a vague personal ebook system by some guy named Lee Milteer nobody’s ever heard of and some supposed millionaire mindset babble.

None of what My Online Success Plan gives you for your money has any value.

In that, the half baked system tends to leave out a lot of crucial information on how to really achieve success.

The little pieces here and there that might be of value can easily be found elsewhere online for free.

Just about 99% of these scams like these invariably leave important stuff out.

This is so they can upsell you to more expensive products they claim you will need to really be successful.

What little customer support there is goes to some corporate office for the actual 3rd party company that would be hard to connect with anyone that can help you in any way.

It does not direct you to the supposed creator Jordan Daniels, as “he” is only a middleman peddling this scam if he indeed is a real person in the first place.

There is just no way to make money online from home with this losing proposition.

Stay as far as you can from My Online Success Plan. It is as big a scam as they get.

Thanks for reading the scam review…

– David


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