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My Online Income System Scam Review

by David Harris

My Online Income System by Kimberly Hoffman tells you it’s a simple inexpensive advertisement link posting training program. That is the basic lure.

You will want to stay away from this kind of business.

Their agents’ job is to “upsell” customers into more expensive “coaching” programs that promise very little in return – and certainly not a return on your investment.

It is the kind of thing that companies like these do.

It’s how they make their money.

The $47 sign up plan is the bait for their switch.

The claim of making big money in 60 days is the ‘line to pull you in’ plan.

– Kimberly Hoffman won’t wait those 60 days to start calling you to haul you in for more of their bigger plan.

When they do call, and if you ask for a refund, see if they don’t throw you back!

If you try to call for a refund, the boat is long gone.

And that’s all for my fishing metaphors

Complaints have already been coming in about the “free consultation call” that winds up in a pitch for more consulting or coaching, starting at $150 to $10,000 and up.

I will address some of the “benefits” you will allegedly receive when you sign up with My Online Income System:

When they say you have access to over 55+ ready made digital products that you can use to expand your internet business education, claimed to be valued at $1937, they want you to pay for the coaching program which end up costing thousands more.

Their customer support, as well as support from your peers and other members, only works if you agree to pay the thousands for their “coaching” programs.

The two additional bonuses valued at $1267 are never specified in the website. The “free phone consultation” and a “free money making website” will not be free at all.

When My Online Income System quotes these numbers, they are a handy way to make you feel like spending more on the coaching ‘upsell’ will still give you value.

As for customer support, if passing you off to other “coaching program” selling sites when you try to login to their member site means customer support, then it’s a different kind of “customer support” that I’m used to.

I particularly enjoyed the first comment dated 2007.

This site was put up recently.

The domain search lands them under Andrew Szabo and ClickStorm out of Delaware.

The photo of the check on their website is the same exact one you find on others that use this template.

The income statement of Kimberly Hoffman, another My Online Income System fictional character with a son (why are they always a single mom with one son?) shows payments made in one lump area.

If you have ever done link posting, or any other work from home business, you will know that you receive separate payments directly from the many various businesses that pay you commissions.

My last metaphor is that this get rich quick scam, My Online Income System – Kimberly Hoffman smells really fishy!

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