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My Lead Company

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My Lead Company Scam Review

by David Harris

“My Lead Company”, by JR Jackson and found at, is a Multi-Level Marketing company dubiously that sells leads as its product.

Right at the start I will report that there is no end to the amount of complaints and negative press about My Lead Company from many unhappy customers and downline reps and many unresolved complaints registered with the Better Business Bureau.

Some have even gone as far as filed with the FTC about possible fraudulent practices by My Lead Company including overcharging, substandard product, withholding commissions and income reporting, non-delivery of products, etc.

My Lead Company has tried to suppress all the negative commentary they can on forums and their own social media pages, but there is simply too much for them to contain.

People have figured out that everybody gets the same exact 100 free leads as everybody else, rendering My Lead Company leads too redundant to help anyone.

Just because the product is shoddy is barely insufficient to deem My Lead Company as a pyramid scheme, but they cut it really close. JR Jackson’s reputation precedes him, though.

Jackson is known for another MLM scam named Streamline International, for which the Federal Trade Commission sued him.

He had made so much money from this scam that he settled it.

There is no change in the way he operates My Lead Company and it won’t be long before he is brought up again.

At least this product won’t cause liver damage.

Most mlm business opportunities suffer from a 97% failure rate at best, and My Lead Company is bound to have a higher percentage.

There are far better ways of getting leads for your business than My Lead Company, and certainly you will not succeed in their multi level marketing scheme either. It is definitely a scam.

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