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My Home Job Connection

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My Home Job Connection Review

by David Harris

“My Home Job Connection”, found at, is a scam posing as a job matching site.

They claim that their service will pair you with real work from home opportunities you can make money with.

But that’s just not true.

My Home Job Connection actually redirects you to another scam called EZ Money Team so they really mislead you right from the start.

The “jobs” they offer are actually very risky online business ventures.

Most of these have a buy-in membership which is usually around a hundred bucks.

You have to spend money on ad space to place your banners in.

And you will have to have a website with which to run your business.

My Home Job Connection has so many warning signs to look out for that I just don’t know where to start.

Ok, we’ll begin from the top.

You will see 455,232 Facebook likes at the top of the page.

This is completely false.

They don’t even have a Facebook page.

So they lie right from the beginning.

There is no honest way to make a social media like button if you don’t have your own page.

Then there are the fake testimonials from nonexistent people shouting praises about My Home Job Connection.

The photos of these people are taken from generic stock image sites.

They also use network news logos without the consent of the companies they steal them from.

What’s worse is that they vaguely hint you might have seen them advertised on these networks.

You will never see My Home Job Connection advertised in any media at all.

They use this gimmick to make you think they are though.

They have you enter your zip code so you can find local jobs.

Then they have you enter your name, email, and phone number so you can set up your account.

You will have to take a short survey on what income you would like to make, how many hours you want to work, what type of work you want, etc.

There’s not much in the way of jobs to choose from.

I searched through this site several times each time in any category you choose it will direct you to the same jobs.

The so-called online work from home opportunities that they redirect you to won’t even make you any money.

And on several of them, you would have to pay fees to join them.

The first ones you’re referred are surveys that you won’t really make much money.

These include Harris Poll and MySurvey, which we did not recommend in earlier reviews.

Even if you join these survey panels you might earn less than the minimum wage.

And you most likely won’t qualify for many of the survey’s qualifications.

My Home Job Connection will have you go on to step 2 where they hype up a web site that they claim members are making over $3,000 a week.

The program they suggest you join is the get rich quick scam I mentioned earlier called EZ Money Team.

This is nothing but a con known as the link posting scam.

They charge $67 dollars for a prefab made website and some training.

The work entails promoting clients’ products via affiliate marketing.

You set up links that take interested visitors to the online store and you only make a commission if they buy the product.

While there are legitimate affiliate marketing programs you can trust, this is not a good venture to get involved in.

Posting advertising links won’t make you much money and you end up spamming.

That will end up getting you banned or blacklisted.

This type of venture involves you investing more money before you even make a dime.

You have to buy ad space on other blogs and websites in order to have more people see your ad.

This takes a lot of work and with the program My Job Connection refers you to has many complaints against it from unhappy members.

Just stay away from My Job Connection and the scam they’re pushing.

It’s total scam.

Thanks for reading the review…

– David



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