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My Home Income Profits- Scam Review

by David Harris

My Home Income Profits, by Kelly Richards and found at, is a link posting scam clone site designed to rip you off! You know these types by now, but if you’re new to internet marketing and home business opportunities, then let me break it down for you.

Here’s how this scam works, My Home Income Profits is one of many replicated sites run by unethical and downright criminal cretins that promise you loads of money without having to do much or know much at all, and that is right in line with the old if it’s too good to be true saying.

My Home Income Profits exaggerates claims of huge wealth by following their link posting instructions, that they dare to charge you monthly for a system that has never worked. Then when you find it’s not doing what they claim, they sick the sales dogs on you to upgrade to a better program. Those who went along with this have written to us about getting taken for as much as tens of thousands of dollars by these guys!

My Home Income Profits bears the comparison to internet “carnies”. You know, the carnival hucksters who make the rings too small for the bottles, or nail down the targets so you can’t shoot them down, etc. These guys stack the deck in a similar way. You end up spend loads rather than making them and that’s how they make their money until you are useless to them.

They tell you that you really need this upgrade for only a little more investment needed on your part, but wow is it ever going to be helpful! It’s worthless but they up sell for as much as your credit card can stand it, then they’re done with you, good luck getting your money back.

By the way, “Kelly Richards” and her sad luck to success stories is a fake. The comment section testimonials are all fake too. If you click on the highlighted time of each comment, it takes you to a payment place with a different name than My Home Income Profits. The blurred out photo of one of her checks is also fake. Stock images, fake news clip, they are all there to look convincing to you if you don’t know any better. You cannot trust them.

There is such a huge number of these scam sites like My Home Income Profits with the same identical con that it is a never ending job for us to find them and shut them down as soon as we can, but this is why we do what we do because they put up a new site to run the same scam until we find those and expose them to you.

My Home Income Profits is, I’m sure, referring to the crook who runs the scam, because it certainly will not be YOUR Home Income Profits, it’s theirs. Stay as far away from this con as humanly possible!

Thanks for reading…

– David



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