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My Home Business Mentor

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My Home Business Mentor Review

by David Harris

“My Home Business Mentor” by Jessica Langford and found at is a duplicated web site harboring the link posting scam.

It uses every trick a scam can use, including the “rags to riches story” from fake work at home mother Jessica Langford.

And the stock photo that is supposed to be her.

The warning signs continue with news corporation logos of CNN, NBC, etc.

Posted at the top of the site which they are not authorized to use.

Truth is that none of them endorse this scam.

No one does.

You can see that pictures of the check and credit card statements were doctored up to lure unsuspecting victims.

You see, no single company will send you that much money in a lump sum.

In fact, you would either get a lot of small amount checks or paid electronically.

The main page claims you can earn big dollars with them, regardless of whether you need any experience or skills or not. Clear warning sign.

It costs $97.00 to join, but the pop ups will try to discount it when you try to exit the site.

Forget trying to get a refund because the conditions are so convoluted as to make it very difficult to make that happen.

Read the terms.

They will confuse anyone who is not a lawyer.

Do not sign up and give them any of your private info because they will sell it to their clients.

Be aware that My Home Business Mentor is not a job opportunity.

They call it a ‘business opportunity’.

It is an online marketing program that has you posting ad links wherever you can advertise, which is not as easy as they say it is.

This will end up costing you money when you buy ad space, so you will be spending more than you imagine before you even make any sales.

Do not fall for their catchy but phony certification titles like Search Engine Agent Certification and Wealth Development Certification Program.

They are not a thing in the real world.

The worst part about this scam is the real objective.

This is to have their aggressive salespeople hound you to upgrade to yet more expensive and ineffectual “business coaching” programs.

These run up into the tens of thousands of dollars which you can never get back once you’ve given it away to them.

We get so many people writing to us of their complaints about how they got swindled trying to make money with online home business opportunities that are really scams like this one.

No program should advertise how you can make such riches only working 1 hour daily having no experience or skills.

The only ones making these riches are the scammers who run the con.

Don’t get involved with the My Home Business Mentor scam.

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