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Mobile Money Code

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Mobile Money Code Scam Review

by David Harris

“Mobile Money Code” by Greg Anderson, found at, is a slick scam site looking to get you hyped up on getting involved with the new mobile technology craze by selling you stuff you can get from your own domain and host provider for much cheaper.

Right away you know they’re looking for suckers who would buy it on the first opt-in.

However, just in case that doesn’t happen, they give you more chances each time you try to exit until Mobile Money Code is given away for “free”.

I put it in quotes because there are no free lunches in these types of gimmicks like “Mobile Money Code”.

Mobile Money Code has the usual suspects trying to lure you in. They don’t stop at the first landing page, either. Try to exit and here they come.

The silly videos with planes and mansions, the bad hyped up actors who you can see right through, and the empty promises may look amazing to a newcomer but we know better.

Nothing is really explained and you have to wonder who would buy something without kicking the tires and opening up the hood.

All the basic concept entails is adapting your own website to be viewable on mobile phones.

Then they throw a bunch of mobile sites you can sell more junk with and Mobile Money Code still does not show you what to do with all this.

What is really being sold here is a way for them to get your credit card number in their clutches with a system that they never quite explain, so you are doomed to fail.

When you reach out to them, then the real con begins.

Here come the boiler room sales people aggressively working to upsell you to useless business coaching programs and other junk that will never get you anywhere.

It is all set up to have you fail, get frustrated then they come with sympathy and a better upsell that will for sure make you successful if you just upgrade to the more expensive program.

Then the cycle repeats after each upsell until they leave you broke or you finally figure out the con.

Many have been taken by this ploy to the tune of thousands of dollars and have registered their complaints by the truckload.

Worst part about Mobile Money Code is after you got to the last page and decided to give it a try, the “free bonus” is really just a “trial” which then begins to charge your credit card on a monthly basis without your authorization.

Be careful with all those fake review sites trying to sell you Mobile Money Code because they are just people who fell for it and are trying to unload it to more newcomers.

The cycle of scam. Isn’t that a song? Leave this one as fast as you can. Mobile Money Code is a scam.

Thanks for reading…

– David



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