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Mileys Money Method

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Mileys Money Method

by David Harris

“Mileys Money Method”, by Tim Atkinson and found at, is another hosting scam from the scammers who brought you Make Money With Meghan and many other ripoffs.

Why bury the lead on Mileys Money Method? It is what it is. We have reviewed and deemed the previous Atkinson train wreck as a scam elsewhere on ScamXposer.

First, every scam Atkinson’s done has an actress playing the character in question.

This time it’s no different but at least they change the actresses each time. This one is Miley Collins.

Mileys Money Method hypes up the old 3 step copy and paste scam known as a hosting scam. It’s a one trick pony Atkinson uses often.

The Mileys Money Method hype promises loads of money. It’s complete and utter nonsense. The only one making money off this thing is the owner.

They have placed a fake BBB logo on the Cool Handle page, for which they are not accredited, nor in TrustE’s site as well.

Of course, if you read Mileys Money Method small print disclaimer, it does not actually guarantee the hype “she” claims on the video presentation without explaining what the work entails.

It probably doesn’t make any difference but the previous video had the actress in an unflattering blue dress and now she’s by a pool in a skimpy red dress.

I suspect the Miley name is for the sake of bringing in traffic off the superstar’s name.

The Tim Atkinson name is most likely fake too, since he’s made a lot of enemies on the way.

I’m sure by now you’ve gotten a Mileys Money Method affiliate’s promo email shouting that they can guarantee about 1,500 in a day if you just work at home with the system.

On the actual Mileys Money Method front page is their video presentation which if you fall enough for it and keep watching they show you “Miley’s” Paypal account, which of course is fake.

Nobody has 400k plus in a PayPal balance ever, especially when everybody knows PayPal freezes accounts that huge if they’re suspicious.

The scammers who run Mileys Money Method have since gotten smart and recently removed this fakery on the new presentation.

The first main M.O. of Mileys Money Method is to get you to buy hosting at Cool Handle domain hosts, so that they make commission off your purchase. They may sell your email to clients as well.

Incidentally, she offered it for free on the video page, but it’s not free.

At about $180 a year for a monthly $15 fee and up to at least $50 a month, it is very expensive. You can find cheaper and better hosting anywhere else.

Plus, as I mentioned, the end run is to get you into their more expensive upsells including currency trading software.

Of course, hosting is not all you need to run an online business, so the upsells to worthless stuff will not be far along.

Mileys Money Method is very deceiving. Many have complained of its lack of focus and direction.

There are no instructions, no lessons or training videos to watch or even support of any kind. Also, very few are refunded their money.

The whole thing is so poorly done that only those who are desperate eager newcomers really fall for Mileys Money Method and Atkinson’s other infamous scams.

They use the tired old tactics like exclusivity, “for a limited time” and an “incredible discount” that any experienced marketer can see 5 miles away.

Soon you will see this scam under a different name redirected to their main domain that keeps the unsuspecting newbies coming.

It would be laughable except for the fact that Mileys Money Method rips a lot of people off. This is a pure scam based on this scammers previous scams.

Did I mention It Mileys Money Method is a scam? I think I did. Just in case I didn’t it’s a scam.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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