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Michelle Taylor's Home Jobs Revealed

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Michelle Taylor’s Home Jobs Revealed – Scam Review

By David Harris

Michelle Taylor’s Home Jobs Revealed found at is another of the infamous fake news, work from home business scams to watch out for. By now, most people have seen the ads on MSNBC about the single mom that makes eight thousand dollars a month by just working about half an hour at home from her computer.

If you can believe that is actually true, and if you sign up and pay for this service, then it is true in a way. The person running this scam IS making lots of money in no time at all by getting people to fall for this scam. Unfortunately, you won’t be the person making the 8k monthly.

There are dozens if not more websites just like this one, with the single mom’s name changed next to the same stock photo right above the fake check. The fictitious “millionaire author” they were inspired by can be found NOWHERE on Google if you happen to search for the name of this “author. I tried, and could not find one legitimate marketing book by Michelle Taylor other than the poet, the cookbook lady or the fiction novelist.

I could not find a “millionaire author” named “Alyssa Jensen” either, though there was a film maker by that name. You get the picture. There are only these scam sites that allude to these “millionaire authors”. Beware.

This particular one will take you to the home jobs manual site with the usual suspects at hand. It is designed to look like a genuine news site report with testimonials and photos of income made through this business. These are the ploys to bring you in, if you aren’t already aware of these scams. I can see that to the rookie eye, it could look convincing, but it isn’t real.

The moment that you exit the page, a pop up window will offer the same $197 product for $78. To the rookie looking to make easy money from home it might even be enticing, thinking they would save more money. If it’s too good to be true then it probably is.

The site continues with non-stop deceptive claims and overstatements of how much money one can make with them. Such claims like the one about work at home mom, Melissa Johnson, who makes an incredulous $8,000 a month. It’s the identical layout  featuring a thriving stay at home mom who works from home you see on so many of these scams.

Sadly, Michelle Taylor’s Home Jobs Revealed work from home program is a sham, and as soon as it’s taken down, another just like it will rear its ugly head, complete with fake check for $8,000+, faked news video, company shill comments and the vague claim, “as seen on media” next to news channels’ logos.

The true problem with Home Jobs Revealed and others like it is that it only leads you to a boiler room operation that will do their best to drain you of as much money as they can with their “business coaching” programs that can run in the tens of thousands! Beware and avoid.

Thanks for reading…

– David



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Grandma Sherry on :

I try to research what I read before acting. I read Donald Trumps praise of Sara Taylor’s program she is “sharing” with average persons for online income. Sounds exactly like “Michelle Taylor’s Home jobs” with the single mom making $6000 to $8000 a month without any real skills and simultaneously having loads of time with her three children. I am a firm believer in “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”. Sad when celebrity’s encourage those struggling to waste money on risky ventures or outright scams.


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