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Online Wealth Formula – Scam Review

by David Harris

This carbon copy of a scam from Michelle Starr found at has been duplicated by the dozens using basically the same content with different business and ownership names and essentially the same website graphics.

This version of the same “get rich immediately through link posting” scam is often called Michelle Starr’s “Online Wealth Formula” or “Online Wealth Formula by Michelle Starr” – among other names for the same fraud.  In addition to the website URL listed here, you can get to the sign in page using or

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Other links have come and gone, bringing you to “dead links”.  Of course this is common when scammers such as the people behind Online Wealth Formula are advertising their “latest” (actually the same) ripoff. I have seen the exact same template Online Wealth Formula uses dozens (hundreds?) of times! 

Complete with “Karl Goddard” telling you all about who Michelle Starr is.  Who is Karl Goddard?  A made up person who tells you here that Michelle Starr is the number one work at home expert in America.

On other sites he tells you dozens of other people are actually the number one expert in America. You get the idea – it’s a fake name, on a fake news site, with a fake reporter telling you about a fake rags to riches story… with the idea of getting you to give them your real money!

Once they drain enough money from as many people as they can, they close the links, change the phone numbers and email addresses where you are supposed to ask for a refund, and move on to the next name of the same scam.

In this case, one of the previous “#1 experts” was Mark Starr (as opposed to Michelle Starr) with his company Home Wealth Formula (as opposed to Online Wealth Formula).

Another supposed company Mark ran was Secret Wealth Formula – using the exact same template.  Another supposed company Michelle Starr runs – again using the same template as online wealth formula – is Your Infinite Profits.

I don’t expect you to remember all of these – and that isn’t the point.  The point is to show you how these scamming, fraudulent, rip off companies try to – and succeed at ripping people off.  As I type this review, they are likely buying another domain name, changing a few numbers/names/people, and making sure once people like me expose their current scam, they already have another one to take it’s place.

It’s not even about originality – it’s about market saturation.  ‘Online Wealth Formula’ type scammers hope you will enter your email address on their sites, as they can then use your email address to send out countless emails to other unsuspecting people to check out their site – hoping their “awesome opportunity” will fool those people into purchasing their product[sic] or at the very least entering their email address and/or phone number as well. 

It’s a domino theory.  A viscous ripoff cycle.

You won’t yet find many people claiming they got ripped off by Online Wealth Formula.  It’s new, and we at ScamXposer are one of the first to do a review on them.  But remember, it’s the same scam as all those other companies I mentioned earlier, and many of them indeed have a bunch of negative reviews and many, many comments from people who got ripped off by them without being able to get a refund.

One of the somewhat newer ways these scam companies try to make it look like they are offering something unique is to offer some sort of “link posting certificate” and claim they are the only company in the world that has this program.  Online Wealth Formula does this too.

You can earn your certificate through their “Wealth Development Center”.  When you consider the fact that you do not need a certificate of any kind to post links (that would be funny if it weren’t so disingenuous and hurtful to people)… whose wealth do you think they are actually interested in developing?!  That’s right.  Theirs.

This is all frustrating for those of us interested in “outing” these scammers – their ability to pop right back up again.  I try to be as comprehensive in many of these reviews as I can be in pointing out common red flags they share – as in the fake security certificates that lead you to nowhere (or worse, the payment page) when you click on them; the logos of all the networks they have supposedly been featured on; the fact that the opportunities listed are always down to 1-2 and are always in your area (they all use an IP tracker to make you think it’s really a local opportunity); the stock photos of people/checks/bank account statements, etc.

For people who have been scammed before, they know all this… but for the person being confronted by this fraud the first time, it might be an eye opener.

There might be possible good news on the horizon, as the FTC in 2011 has started trying to come up with a way to shut down these fake news site-type scams.  But that would be tough to do… and to my knowledge they are still being limited to fake news sites related to claims about the Acai berry instead of every home business scam.  In January of this year (2012) settlements were reached with 6 companies using the fake news sites in this way.  We’ll see what happens.

In the meantime I will try to keep you apprised of businesses to avoid as well as I can.  As well as red flags to look out for with any business.  Hopefully I can help you spot something that isn’t real before it hits you in your purse/wallet.

In this case, stay far, far away from Online Wealth Formula.

The only wealth they are interested in is theirs – and it would be at your expense.

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Thanks for reading…

– David


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