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Melissa Johnson

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Melissa Johnson Review

by David Harris

Melissa Johnson is a made-up name designed for the purpose of getting women to connect to her by the crooks that run website scams with her name utilizing the bait and switch swindle known as the link posting scam.

Again, she does not exist.

The story is always a fake single mother working from home.

This trick of using phony stories about struggling moms who supposedly became successful by using the bogus business being peddled online works on many nasty levels.

Lots of people are looking for something they can earn online.

However, many who stumble upon these Melissa Johnson scams end up more broke and possibly overdrawn than before they signed up. All with zero chances of getting their money back.

Melissa Johnson is used quite often, and each time we and others expose the fraud, the scammers put up another new scam site, still using her name with different stock images.

I have tried to find a real person by that name, but the only real ones are a teacher, a photographer, and so on, but nay tied to online marketing end up in complaints about these link posting scams.

Certainly, you will not find anything about America’s number one internet business consultant, expert, or whatever clever hook they can make up if you search for a legitimate.

These are just some of the latest of many scams using the name Melissa Johnson:

Better Career Point –
Express Career Online –
Top Jobs Reviewed –

These scammers who run these sites change their website links very quickly once they’ve been exposed.

But the site and name are always the same, almost arrogantly defiant to let us know they know that we see them as the scam they are, yet they don’t care.

The name Melissa Johnson will be used many times in other clone sites long after I expose this scam.

And I will continue to find them and advise you to stay far away from any website that uses her name.

The con is called the link posting scam.

This is a basic bait and switch trick that gets you to give up your credit card information so these cretins can proceed to swindle you out of as much money as they can.

So many people write to us about the Melissa Johnson scams robbing them off as much as tens of thousands of dollars!

Learn from them and do not repeat their mistakes.

Usually, the name Melissa Johnson is placed on a phony website that looks suspiciously like a news report.

Always, the news logos are placed at the top of these scams to make them look legitimate.

Be on the alert for phony titles on their useless program such as search engine agent and wealth development certification program, because there are no such things.

Please read our reviews of the scams listed above for details on how the scams work, so as not to go astray.

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