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Max Profits Now

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Max Profits Now Review

by David Harris

Max Profits Now found at, is an affiliate venture associated with My Top Tier Business, or MTTB.

We previously reviewed this with an unfavorable result here on

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Max Profits Now is also an affiliate marketing business associated with My Online Business Empire.

Sadly, there are more warning signs to watch out for at Max Profits Now.

These are on top of the ones already stated in our previous article on MTTB.

MTTB is the affiliate program for Matt Lloyd’s My Online Business Empire, also known as MOBE.

MOBE has gotten such bad marks that for Max Profits Now to be associated with it cannot be a good thing.

First is the high amount of unfounded hype and false claims that you can make thousands on a regular basis.

Then Max Profits Now does not offer a money-back guarantee.

Instead, they offer a very loop-holed guarantee that can be easily refused by them.

One of the main issues, however, is that nowhere on the Max Profits Now website is there any information to be found about what you would be doing.

Let alone what skills are needed to earn these huge piles of money.

Even when you sign up with Max Profits Now and pay the $97 dollar fee to join they are vague at best.

That is until they call you to try to upsell you on more expensive programs.

That is really the point of Max Profits Now.

It’s how they make the big money.

So essentially, the first sign up fee is really only a bait and switch trick.

What it amounts to is a link posting scam.

Another problem is that if you purchase everything in the main program, MOBE.

The costs are astronomical and can go as high as $20,000 or more with additional monthly charges on top of it all.

Once you sign up with Max Profits Now you will be enrolled in the MTTB 21 step affiliate marketing course.

which eventually leads you to buy the more expensive program of $1,997.

Max Profits Now employs an aggressive boiler room team that will do their very best to get every last cent you have invested in their go nowhere systems.

You can still stay with the initial program and make smaller commissions by referring people to MTTB and MOBE.

But their sales team will hound you until you give in and buy the big-ticket items.

Be careful when giving out your credit card information and research any business you are looking into.

And make sure you know the name on the transaction so you can see if they take any more out without your authorization.

Many unhappy customers have lodged complaints not getting what Max Profits Now has promised, and charged them high fees anyway.

Several expressed frustration at trying to get in touch with Max Profits Now’s customer support when they tried to contact them with disputes.

Some were angry that they were charged as much as $4999 by Max Profits Now for contracts they did not agree to.

This a serious matter.

Quite a few said that the person that got back to them was very rude and told them they had a business to run.

One even claimed the owners of the main company, Matt Lloyd refused to refund over $3,500.

He provided the customer’s bank false log-in history that the user logged in over a hundred times when the customer claimed they only logged about 10 times or so.

He is known as the MTTB top earner with his program Max Profits Now.

Yet there are certain concerns as to how he conducts his business and deals with customers.

In fact, the programs are so expensive and you get almost nothing in return for the high amount of money you will invest in it.

Take heed of my warning.

This is not a very good venture, to say the least.

I warn anyone interested in doing business with He, Max Profits Now, MTTB, or MOBE to leave it all alone.

We do not recommend Max Profits Now, nor My Top Tier Business or My Online Business Empire for that matter either.

Thanks for reading the review…

– David



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