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Live Home Profit Institute

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Live Home Profit Institute Scam Review

Live Home Profit Institute, “owned” by fictitious ‘work at home mom’ Mia Wright and found at, is another one of the many fake mom sites that scammers put up in an effort to get as much of your money as they can.

From the start the routine ‘limited job positions available’ sets it up to entice you into signing up. The routine goes on with the news logos like CNN, NBC, who don’t actually endorse Live Home Profit Institute which is not actually an institute.

The reality is that there is no real certification for working from home. Live Home Profit Institute claims you can make at least three hundred and seventy Nine a day. This will be an incredibly impossible task.

Trying to make money at link posting takes a lot of work and further investment. Live Home Profit Institute does not work that way. They don’t even show you exactly how you are supposed to do this.

They will charge you up front and then they take more out of your credit card later. There are so many complaints about their crooked billing practices from unhappy customers that it’s a wonder that the law hasn’t taken them down yet.

You will also see a phony news clip that is reissued time and time again. The “work from home mom” names are not real. They do not exist. Live Home Profit Institute is using the name Mia Wight. Try as you might you won’t find her if you Google.

The stock picture they use is from a public images site. Live Home Profit Institute uses other stock photos for the made up testimonials concocted to convince you to join.

Don’t believe the story about the fake mom either. It’s the same one used on all of the sites that are exactly like Live Home Profit Institute. This bit of fiction is also designed to pull you deeper into the scam.

Then there is the fake credit card statement that supposedly shows how much money this fake mom has made. First of all, you don’t normally get paid from any one source doing affiliate marketing because you are paid by the different companies you will post ads for.

The worst part about this scam is the “upsell” to buy business coaching. Their salespeople are relentless and aggressive. If you don’t know what you’re doing, this makes them happy because they will take you for as much as they can.

Live Home Profit Institute will charge you lots of money and the coaching is useless. I see so many stories from people who have spent thousands and never get their money back.

Trying to get a refund from Live Home Profit Institute will prove difficult. In fact, it’s near impossible, leaving you frustrated and angry.

I hope you will not stay as far away as you can from Live Home Profit Institute. They will scam you fiercely. It’s what they do.

Thanks for reading

– David


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