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Learning Advantage

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Learning Advantage Review

by David Harris

Learning Advantage is another work from home “link posting job” scam and is from the fictitious “Abby Carey”.

This scam is found at and is one of the most pervasive on the internet.

The site shows the full scam name to be “The Learning Advantage System”.

These scams stem from the website “” with the title of “Top 3 Work At Home Jobs Reviewed” and a fictitious author named “Sarah Johnson”.

All content, including the testimonials, on “Top Jobs Reviewed” is also completely fake.

The actual domain name of this work from home scam is “” with a leading subdomain of “learning-advantage.”

The scammers want visitors to think the site’s domain name is “”.

The actual domain name redirects to a German website that has nothing to do with this scam.

But it is simply a domain hack of a .info domain with a leading “com-“.

I mention this because they use similar domains with their other scam sites.

This is a very easy way to spot them now and in the future when they come out with the next variation of this scam.

Specifically, anything from “”, “”, “” or anything else starting with a “com-” and ending with a “.info” domain extension is a scam.

It seems that Learning Advantage uses the “.info” domain extension instead of a “.com” extension because most people don’t understand that there are hundreds of other domain name extensions beyond the most well known “.com, “.net” and “.org” domain name extensions.

The “spots available” spiel at the top of the page is simply an attempt to fool unsuspecting people into believing that this opportunity is limited.

Thus encouraging immediate action to purchase this scam now.

The Learning Advantage work from home sales letter goes into a fake sob story about how Abby Carey was down on her luck until she came across this super-duper system that changed everything for her.

Same old, same old worn-out tired story.

All of the “what other people have to say” blurbs are all completely fake and try to sell you from there as well.

After some more lies, they go into how much you can potentially make with this “opportunity”.

They go into saying that you could earn $225 an hour by simply doing these easy 4-minute link posts.

That works out to be $1,125 a week, $4,500 per month and $58,500 per year working just 1 hour per day 5 days per week.

Wow!… where do I sign up for that?

Learning Advantage fake tries to curb your enthusiasm by telling you that these figures are for example purposes only.

But the seed is already planted in your head that you can make this life-changing money for very little work.

Who could resist?

After all, it’s only $47.

And they have a 100% Money Back Guarantee… right?

This has to be a legitimate work from home job.

If it doesn’t work out, I could just give them a call and get all my money back… right?


You can call and call and call some more and you will never get ahold of anyone that can help you get your money back.

This is by design.

This leaves you with 2 options.

Accept your loss or do a chargeback on your credit card.

Save yourself the hassle and have nothing to do with these Learning Advantage scammers!

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