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Leading Home Revenue

Overall Rating: SCAM
Type of Business: Link Posting Scam
Skill Level Needed: N/A
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Recommended: No/Scam

Leading Home Revenue Scam Review

Leading Home Revenue, by Katherine Roberts and found at and, is just another online marketing scam and carbon copy of so many internet scams we’ve reviewed in the past.

Leading Home Revenue is so identical to those other scams that it’s getting to be a challenge to write different reviews for them and this one. But I jest. How do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways no, seriously, it’s as despicable as all the others like it.

Leading Home Revenue begins as the others do, with the non-endorsed news logos. None of them even know this scam exists, and there are so many that I’m sure those news corporations don’t have the manpower to get them to cease and desist.

Leading Home Revenue continues with the ‘limited positions available’ trick that tries to excite you that there might just be an opening for you to work at their company. Alas, it is not a job, so there is not actually any position available for you.

What Leading Home Revenue really is, one might say, is but a risky business venture masquerading as a job. It’s so risky that Las Vegas gives you better odds at the penny jackpots.

The work entailed involves posting ads, or link posting. It is not, I say again, a job by any conventional standards. They claim you need no experience, but you should know that it does take more knowledge of computer use and internet skills than they’d have you believe.

Other tricks of the trade Leading Home Revenue uses include the heart wrenching fictional story from the arbitrary working mother they made up to tug at your emotions. The testimonials are also fake, as are all the stock photos of people on the website.

There is not one good thing that you will come away with if you involve yourself with Leading Home Revenue. In fact, they go after more of your money after they’ve gotten you to give up your credit card and personal info.

It’s just best if you swerve from hitting this roadkill. Leading Home Revenue will do more than leave a nasty stain you can’t wash off.

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– David


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