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Leading Home Profit Network

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Leading Home Profit Network Review

by David Harris

Leading Home Profit Network, by Katherine Roberts and found at

It’s the latest replacement site for the previous Leading Home Revenue and Leading Home Revenue Online clone scams that get put up as soon as the last one gets exposed.

Leading Home Profit Network is identical to those other scams.

It’s almost getting to be a challenge to review them in different ways.

Seriously, it’s like a joke to these guys, but not to us.

We’ll keep on showing you all the warnings to look out for.

Leading Home Profit Network starts as all the others with the news channel logos that don’t endorse them.

They are not even aware this scam is out there because there are so many, those news corporations don’t have the manpower to close down.

LeadingHomeProfitNetwork continues with the ‘limited positions available’ trick that tries to excite you that there might just be an opening for you to work at their company.

Alas, it is not a job, so there is not actually any position available for you.

Leading Home Profit Network really is nothing but a losing proposition masquerading as a job.

We have come to call these scams link posting scams.

It is not a job by any means.

They say you don’t need experience or skills.

You should know it takes more knowledge of computer use and internet skills than they claim.

Other gimmicks Leading Home Profit Network uses include the heart wrenching fictional story from the arbitrary working mother they made up to tug at your emotions.

The testimonials are also fake, as are all the stock photos of people on the website.

There is not one good thing that you will come away with if you involve yourself with LeadingHomeProfitNetwork.

In fact, they go after more of your money after they’ve gotten you to give up your credit card and personal info.

It’s just best if you swerve from hitting this roadkill.

Leading Home Profit Network will do more than leave a nasty stain you can’t wash off.

Thanks for reading the review

– David



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