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Lazy Wealth

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Lazy Wealth Cash Gifting – Scam Review

by David Harris

“Lazy Wealth” by Larry Oxenham and found at, is stated to be a “private activity” cash gifting program.

They go to great lengths to explain why this gifting program is legal even though it’s 100% not.

All cash gifting, private cash gifting or any kind of cash gifting program that says you can profit from gifting is an illegal activity and is a complete scam.

Claiming that it’s legal because the U.S. tax code allows for up to $12,000 per year in gifts without having to pay tax is an illogical and absurd statement that has nothing to do with it being LEGAL or not!

Cash gifting, also known as cash leveraging, is a punishable offense in most states. It is considered by law as: illegal lottery statute, pyramid and chain letter crimes.

Remember, a gift isn’t a gift if you expect something in return. Getting something in return of equal or greater value negates it from being a gift. This is why Cash Gifting is illegal, because it isn’t even gifting.

Many cash gifting scam sites have already been taken down. That is why it’s surprising that this one is still around.

Unfortunately there are way too many of these con schemes for proper authorities to get around to taking them down much less prosecuting the scammers who run them.

Most often, these crooks hide behind a proxy host that keeps their identities secret. A lot of times they are ran from outside the US.

Stay very far away from any Cash Gifting Program Scam including Lazy Wealth. Nothing but heartbreak will come to you if you don’t.

Thanks for reading…

– David



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