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Key Web Jobs – Scam Review

Key Web Jobs, by Marilyn Chambers and found at, is a misleading website that is actually a landing page for Internet Education Kit, a dubious business riddled with online complaints. The BBB reports several unresolved claims with no response. Not off to a good start.

I highly recommend not spending a dime on Key Web Jobs right off the bat. It doesn’t even warrant nor bear describing its crooked nature, but I will start with the ‘owner’, refund policy, what you don’t get for your money, complaints, etc.

First of all, Marilyn Chambers was a 70s porn star, yet it is the pseudonym these scammers have been using since quite many websites before this one. The online complaints for other “Chambers” scams just flow, giving the legend a bad name.

Key Web Jobs say on the website you could make an extra $390+ a day working from your own computer filling in forms for online companies. They say people who are using their program make lots of money right from home.

They say none of the 10,000+ companies they work with will ever turn you down. Down for what, they don’t really say. They say they have a thousand pages plus filled with money making info on their site. Much of it is out of date and useless.

Their payment processor is Clickbank. You would think they should not be able to scam anyone using Clickbank. However, the scam unfolds way before you even get to register your CB account with them.

One of the usual tricks is getting you signed up for 17 dollars for a “one time sign up fee”, then after, charging your credit card $50 automatically every month. Try calling the customer service for a refund. They offer you a discounted price of $10 just to try it out.

Next time you call you’re on terminal hold. If they finally answer, you are hung up on. If you do get someone, they might say sales are final, no refunds, or they will try to give a partial refund, but most times they try and upsell you to see how bad a sucker you might be.

The fun never ends if you decide to enter into this nightmare. Do not sign up with Key Web Jobs, the bait and switch tactics they use are textbook standard in the book of cons. It’s amazing this scam has not been shut down yet.

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– David


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