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Juvio Review

by David Harris

Juvio, by Juvio Corporation found at, is another of those health supplement multi level marketing businesses that get you to pay them your money to market their product.

Everything about them is highly suspect. I’ll tell you why.

When you go to the Juvio site you can see that none of the links on it are clickable.

There are no phone numbers to reach them.

Most people end up failing at most MLM ventures, but this particular one is an outright scam.

As I said, you cannot navigate their website, nor is there any link you can go to for information about the company. There is no information as to the ingredients in their product either.

Juvio is a hodge-podge of different products and services that makes you wonder if it’s a joke.

The first is tech support, then training videos, then a health supplement, and of all things, jewelry.

But you can’t click on the links for more.

If you were unlucky enough to join, not only do you lose the $60 dollars a month you pay them for the monthly fee, but you also lose whatever you waste on buying their useless product that you cannot return for refunds.

It gets even worse.

The least of their perpetrations is that they swamp your email with spam.

Juvio will go after you to buy their expensive leads that get you nowhere and try to get you to buy their coaching programs, which will run you into debt for thousands of dollars.

You also lose whatever they can siphon from your credit card you gave them at the onset.

There are so many online complaints from people who have lost huge amounts with Juvio that we listened and decided to target them to expose as a fraudulent business.

If you do happen to get lucky and reach their “customer support” they will tell you it’s your fault you are failing at succeeding with Juvio.

Then they try and pressure you into upgrading for a more expensive way to fail, making them richer.

I find it ridiculous that, if they really do offer tech support as one of their service products, their website is so useless. That’s only one of the many things so ironically wrong I found with Juvio.

Do not even go anywhere near this train wreck of a scam.

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Thanks for the info! Just got 2calls from them 480-900-8897 & when I called back they said it was Juvio which have never heard of…wasn’t going to join anything but now I know…appreciate it much


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