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Internet Revenue Source

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Internet Revenue Source Scam Review

by David Harris

“Internet Revenue Source” found at, is one of the many link posting scam sites that keep on coming and going. It is also identical to those others on the internet.

Without any description of what you’re paying for or what it is you would be doing to earn all that money they claim you can make it takes you right to the buy page without any fanfare.

The initial price is $1.95 but if you don’t cancel, then Internet Revenue Source will start charging you $30 bucks a month for nothing in return, and more in hidden fees.

Read the disclaimer page to see that anything Internet Revenue Source says up front contradicts the actual legal language their lawyers drew up to try and keep them out of trouble.

None of the social media logos on the top of the page click to anywhere. A typical ploy used by scams like Internet Revenue Source in hopes you would think it’s legitimate.

Internet Revenue Source would be about posting links to ads, or link posting, but there is a lot more to link posting involved than it leads you to believe.

They leave out so much information before you sign up. In fact, they don’t even say up front what you might purportedly make, or rather won’t make.

Do not give Internet Revenue Source your personal info, as a ton of spam will flood your email. The nonstop calls will keep coming from the aggressive sales team that will do all they can to get you to spend thousands more than you hoped you would.

Some people have been taken for tens of thousands of dollars by aggressive boiler room sales people upselling them to useless coaching programs. Worse, getting your money back from these crooks will not happen.

Pay no attention to the two phony “comments” next to fake stock images because Internet Revenue Source is a scam, plain and simple. This site went by a different name as the other one was previously exposed.

This scam, Internet Revenue Source, will not tell you what you would be doing, so you should not get anywhere near crooked junk like this.

Thanks for reading

– David


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