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Internet Power Income

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Internet Power Income Scam Review

Internet Power Income from Sarah Jones and found at, is one more of the never-ending parade of the same online marketing scams we come across every day, in efforts to expose and hopefully shut them down, and at least warn you about.

I say it’s the same, but it’s more a clone or copy of previous scams under different company titles and owner names. As to whom the actual owners are is something to really dig deep at, for they always hide these sites’ info behind a proxy.

The real issues are, however, the methods Internet Power Income and scams like them con people out of their money and use their personal data for further gains. If you give them any of your info, chances are solid it will be sold to other parties that will likely do the same thing.

One of the ways Internet Power Income makes (steal) their money is by unethically trying to ‘upsell’ you to more expensive yet useless programs they call business coaching, or other euphemisms. No matter what they call it, their salespeople are very persistent.

We get so many comments from unfortunate folks who have had tens of thousands of dollars defrauded from these scams with nothing of any value in return. The minute the gravy train stops, Internet Power Income salespeople will vanish.

Trying to get refunds from these crooks is impossible as they burn the site and move on to build copies for more swindling. They are the only ones that make the money they claim you will earn if you sign up with them.

Gimmicks Internet Power Income uses in their methods to rip people off include the fake news clips, the news channels logos who, by the way, do not endorse them in any way, the phony testimonials, fake income proof checks and fictional moms and their made up sob stories.

All these and more are here on Internet Power Income and they are designed for only one thing to give this scam the look and feel of a legitimate business. Do not fall for it. Looks, in this case are VERY deceiving.

Stay very far away from this scam, Internet Power Income.

Thanks for reading

– David


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