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Internet Money Path

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Internet Money Path Scam Review

By David Harris

“Internet Money Path”, found at, is identical in every way to other link posting scam traps you get in your email inbox every week. You know the ones they claim you will make hundreds of dollars a day with their system.

Scam sites like Internet Money Path are designed to con you into signing up and giving them your credit card info, by letting you think it’s about actual job leads. There are no jobs here, except a con job.

All the red flags are at Internet Money Path, together with the half baked landing page with a couple of fake comments from fictional people.

It is incredible how there is so little information anywhere on the landing page as to what kind of business you’d be getting into. Other than the shill comments, the page is blank for all intent purposes.

Internet Money Path doesn’t tell you that what they are selling is useless and outdated. That is because they want you in and once you’re onboard the real scam begins.

Once you join Internet Money Path you will never stop getting calls and spam from Internet Money Path in efforts to get you to upgrade your level, or upsell you to more expensive yet futile “money making systems”.

Internet Income Path gets their persistent salespeople to call you to have you spend ridiculous loads of money on the useless “business coaching classes” that do absolutely nothing to help you make any money.

Be aware of lofty sounding names for their phony upsells. None of their systems will do a thing for you, yet they pump you up with vapid promises.

Titles such as “Wealth Development Certification” and “Search Engine Agent Certification Programs” are made up to make you feel like you’d be signing up for something important.

Posting advertisement links on websites takes a lot of effort, time and a bit more skill than Internet Income Path really says you need.

Also, you will have to spend money to place the ads for their clients. No one ever makes anything from this.

You would be competing with tens of thousands of others on competing sites, to only get paid if anyone clicks your ads to buy something or opts in to client offers. There’s not very much payout in the end either.

There’s only one who will be making money on this scam and that’s Internet Income Path, not you. Leave this one alone.

I do not recommend “Internet Money Path”.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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