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Internet Income Source

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Internet Income Source Review

by David Harris

Internet Income Source by Michelle Johnson and found at is another scam clone site.

It’s posing as a way to help you make money with internet marketing.

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Unfortunately, it is not what it appears to be.

Internet Income Source has all the warning signs of the scam that they are.

Including the inspirational story from fictional work at home mother Michelle Johnson and the stock photo that is supposed to be her.

The warning signs continue with news corporation logos of CNN, NBC, etc., embedded on the top of the page.

These can’t be clicked on to go to whatever ad they’re supposed to have.

Truth is that none of them endorse Internet Income Source.

The picture of the fake check and credit card statement is completely fabricated.

There to excite the unsuspecting newcomer to internet marketing into blowing all their money with InternetIncomeSource.

Internet Income Source claims that for only an hour a day on your computer, you can make a lot of money with them.

Regardless of whether you need any experience or skills or not.

Clear warning sign.

They charge a fee of $97.00 to register and claim they offer a refund policy.

There are certain conditions, though, so make you read their fine print full of warning signs.

The policy is filled with restrictions such as only getting that refund if you follow their course to the letter.

There are also other legal terms that will leave you confused should you happen to read them.

If you do sign up and end up giving them their personal data they will share it with their third party client/partners.

This makes them a lot more money from you even though they say they won’t share your info.

This supposed business opportunity is not really a job.

It is just an affiliate marketing program you work at through the process of link posting.

Link posting is not as easy as Internet Income Source claims it to be.

You don’t really get paid just for posting links.

There’s a lot more to it than InternetIncomeSource tells you.

This involves a constant investment, not just the initial fee when you sign up with Internet Income Source.

To make matters worse, you will now be swarmed with nonstop sales calls from their insistent salespeople doing their best to get you to waste more of your money on business coaching programs that never really help you to succeed.

Tens of thousands of dollars are mined from gullible people who think Internet Income Source is going to make them rich.

We see a lot of complaints about this type of tragedy all the time.

Beware of online businesses claiming to make you lots of money by only working an hour a day with no experience or skills.

Scams like InternetIncomeSource are the only ones who actually make the money.

Don’t get involved in this scam.

I do not recommend Internet Income Source.

Thanks for reading the review…

– David



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