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Internet Income Pillars

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Internet Income Pillars – Scam Review

Internet Income Pillars, by Stacy Stevens and found at is a website that offers a work at home opportunity. Promoted by Michelle Johnson, the website’s spokesperson, this site claims that you could earn a decent amount at home by signing up in their program. According to them, you can easily earn as much as $247 and make profit even during your 1st week.

Internet Income Pillars say publicly they are the “fastest income solution” online that “will pay you for life”. Once again, the fake ‘work from home mom’ scam rises from the depths. It seems there is no end to this scheme in its many reincarnations.

You will see, again, the news logos beside a link to “go watch”. The link does not work. If you go to the bottom of the page, you will see, in small print, that none of these networks or print media have anything whatsoever to do with this fake business.

The physical address is to a different business name, whose phone number is never answered. Their customer service 800 line says their customer support department is under construction. The message says it will take several days before someone gets back to you. The business has been up for under 6 months.

Terra, the generic poster girl for Internet Income Pillars, is a stock photo. Her company shill comment is about the same as the other ones you see on sites like this one. Sometimes they change it up and put Stacy Stevens’ story up. It is yet another fictional character.

According to the sales page, anyone can earn up to $247 a day and make a profit off their new business within the first week. All you need to begin is to complete their free, 5 minute signup process.

Although, it never says what you will be doing to make this vast sums of money they claim you’ll be making, Internet Income Pillars’ main business model follows eBay dropshipping methods. Drop ship companies are multi-inventory stocked warehouses. You get the product from their inventory at wholesale prices, and then sell them on auction sites like eBay, for a small profit.

What they don’t tell you is that you can get the information they are selling for free online. Drop shipping has become so popular that a third party company charging you money to learn the business is not necessary. Drop shipping companies can sign you up directly and they help you get started.

Anyone can sign up with a drop ship company outright they do not need to go through a program. And as for understanding how the business works, the drop ship company itself will offer you help, and there are multiple forums on eBay, as well as other websites that will provide you with information for free.

The way the scam Internet Income Pillars runs is that if you don’t cancel within seven days, they charge your card $97.00! In fact, the disclaimers are in very light and hard to read grey color in fine print, but they go something like this:

Income Internet Pillars bill you a one-time charge of $2.95 USD for instant access for a seven days free viewing period that starts when you order the program that ends 7 days later. If you don’t call to cancel within 7 days, you will be billed $97.00 USD per month. Most people don’t read this and wonder how they got stuck with paying this exorbitant monthly fee.

The rest of the disclaimers are laughable, though they cover their own behinds. Steer clear of Income Internet Pillars.

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