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Internet Income Path

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Internet Income Path Scam Review

By David Harris

“Internet Income Path”, found at, is a link posting scam site made to look as if it’s a site where you can search for a real employment position. Sadly, may newcomers get taken by similar sites.

Internet Income Path is an exact carbon copy of the infamous work from home scam sites, and it is designed to trick people into signing up, thinking they will get actual job leads.

All the red flags of a scam are all here at Internet Income Path, together with the tired old fake news clip that has nothing to do with this particular company.

Before you enter, you will see the check for available positions gimmick.

Once inside ‘Internet Income Path’ you will see they got your IP address and placed it on the “congrats, 2 available positions left in (your town)” trick.

So now you’re excited to see they have 2 spots available and it’s their hope that you pay the fee to join. Once you do, they will automatically charge your card monthly fees without your authorization.

Also, you will never stop getting calls and spam from Internet Income Path in efforts to get you to upgrade your level, or upsell you to more expensive yet fruitless ‘business coaching’ programs.

What Internet Income Path won’t mention up front is what they will have you do to make the embellished amounts of money per day they claim you’ll make.

Basically it’s called link posting. I say venture, and a very risky one at that, because it is not a job, as they would have you believe.

Be wary of important sounding monikers like “Wealth Development Certification” and “Search Engine Agent Certification” programs. It’s all malarkey.

Link posting takes a lot of effort, time and a bit more skill than Internet Income Path really says you need. Also, you will have to spend money to place the ads for their clients. No one ever makes anything from this.

You would be competing with tens of thousands of others on competing sites, to only get paid if anyone clicks your ads to buy something or opts in to client offers. There’s not very much payout in the end either.

The worst part of Internet Income Path is their persistent salespeople calling to spend preposterous amounts of money on the useless business coaching classes” that will do nothing but make you drain your account.

There’s only one who will be making money on this scam and that’s Internet Income Path, not you. Leave this one alone.

I do not recommend “Internet Income Path”.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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