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Internet Cash Path

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Internet Cash Path Scam Review

by David Harris

“Internet Cash Path”, found at, is a total heist. The con is known as the infamous link posting scam.

Little here changes but the URL link and “company” name yet the simple design stays the same as all other scams that use it, so it’s easily recognizable.

However, people seem to fall for these scams still even though details and vital information of what it is you would be doing are nowhere to be found in their first page presentation.

Then, upon giving up your personal data, they direct you right to their purchase page which still continues to offer no insight or particulars.

It’s safe to say that nowhere in the world of legitimate business will you find any company that offers anything so vague and mysterious.

So, since they aren’t forthcoming, we will shed some light due to our experience with the machinations of scam traps like this.

The first truth about this rip off website is that you should never offer up any of your own private vitals, including banking and identification ever.

Among the reasons why you shouldn’t is that Internet Cash Path will resell your data for as much and as often as they can to their many third party clients who use it to send you endless spam offers.

This scam also claims you would earn tons of money with their allegedly amazing opportunity, while continuing to withhold pertinent facts.

Any examples and testimonials on their page are pure fabrications and outright lies. The photos of their successful happy people actually come from stock public image photo websites.

Although they offer a two dollar buy in it really is a bait and switch con game that preys on unsuspecting newcomers as the source of their ill gotten wealth.

You may see the use of a worn out old ploy if you are unfortunate enough to opt in which indicates urgency to join.

It’s a crooked call to action that lets you know there are “only 2 positions available in your area for the job”, which is a misnomer, as there are no jobs to be found anywhere in the scam.

Once you sign up and go right to their “back office” you will see nothing but additional scam offers but by then it’s way too late they now have all your important banking information.

That is really what they are after, so they can begin the work of fleecing you from more of your money by upselling you to more expensive and useless coaching programs.

One of the gimmicks used include making up phony certifications like Search Engine Agent Program and Wealth Development Certification. They don’t mean anything at all.

The simple minimalist design on this scam has evil brilliance in its plain design.

One reason why our own authorities can’t stop the scammers who run these cons is that the ownerships are always hidden by proxy through shell corporations and such.

The scammers who run this scam publish so many of them that authorities are not able go after them due to lack of resources and manpower.

The reason is that the motive behind getting you to give them your credit card info is to take as much as they can out of it without your authorization later on.

The weasely sales team works hard to up-sell you to expensive and worthless business consulting/coaching programs that will not help you at all ever.

We’ve had so many readers who have told us they were taken for as much as $10,000 or more!

Internet Cash Path’s refund policy and customer support are also non-existent, though you’ve probably guessed it by now.

Believe me when I say that you will gain nothing from this scam so don’t get mixed up in it.

There’s no way you’re ever going to make money online with Internet Cash Path, but don’t just take our word for it.

Read on in the comments section to see a detailed account of how one of our unfortunate readers got ripped off by Internet Cash Path.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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