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Internet Cash Income

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Internet Cash Income – Scam Review

by David Harris

“Internet Cash Income”, by Ashley James and found at is a fake affiliate marketing site known as a link posting scam.

The Internet Cash Income website description is full of fabricated misinformation masquerading as a business opportunity claiming that anyone can make a lot of money just by posting links with them.

One of the many things wrong with Internet Cash Income is how they use a completely made up person to work on your emotions.

This completely fictional character, Ashley James is supposedly a single mother who lives a fairy tale life after she takes up with ‘Internet Cash Income’, making untold vast sums of money.

This is pure fiction. First, there is no “Ashley James”, as pertains to this supposed business or even the home based business or job industry.

Second, she is definitely NOT the number one business consultant or whatever nonsense they came up with to make this fake character seem respectable.

Now to the actual scam itself, Internet Cash Income, and its load of dirty tricks. As well as the fake mom with the fake name, stock photo and story, there are the fake shill comments from nonexistent people and the fake income statements and bogus paycheck.

You can see the same exact ploy word for word, graphic for graphic on every one of the other clone scam sites under different names looking exactly the same as the Internet Cash Income scam.

That’s because the minute a scam like Internet Cash Income is exposed, the scammers that created it go and put up another scam site under a different name and header graphics, leaving the rest of it about 99% the same.

We have gone after so many of these scams like “Internet Cash Income” that you can throw a virtual rock on our own site and hit one just like their newest version, Internet Cash Income.

Incidentally, the video that is totally unrelated to the actual website or product that Internet Cash Income represents is also fabricated.

It is intentionally generic so that they can utilize it on all their other similar scam sites.

Truth is that Internet Cash Income is just a money pit and the only ones that will ever make any money are the operators of this scam.

It is a vehicle for their boiler room operators to sucker unknowing people into paying tens of thousands of dollars for worthless “business coaching” consultations and upgrades that will never do anything of value for anyone.

Internet Cash Income will not only not help you make any money with link posting, it will drain your bank account with no hope of refunds.

In fact it’s very difficult to make much with this strategy even if their info was legitimate. Stay as far away as you can from Internet Cash Income and sorry lot of scammer operators standing by.

I do not recommend “Internet Cash Income“.

Thanks for reading…

– David



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