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Internet Cash Commissions

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Internet Cash Commissions Scam Review

By David Harris

Internet Cash Commissions, by Karen James and found at, is a rehash of the work from home mom scams we never seem to get done exposing. You would think we get tired of trying to shut down the endless parade of the same con job with a different “company name” at the top of the same clone site as the last one but we won’t rest until the day everybody gets wise to their evil deeds.

“Internet Cash Commissions” has a new URL address but the page is the exact scam we reviewed on Home Income Kit and Home Income Pros and many others recently.

It has all the red flags of this routine, including the news logos and fake news clip put up there to make you think that they are credible. There’s none to be had here, believe me.

The fictional work from home mom “Karen James” and fictional tale are made to get you emotionally inspired enough to want to give Internet Cash Commissions your money. They’re hoping you really are a real desperate struggling parent in need of a way to make a decent living from home.

Internet Cash Commissions lets the games begin once you’ve handed them your private info and bank account vitals. These games consist of endless spam in your inbox and worse, extremely annoying high pressure sales calls from their professional con-men posing as your friendly sales people.

Just by reading the disclaimers at the bottom of the site you will see that “Internet Cash Commissions” has a clever legal department that makes sure they’re covered. None of what they say beyond those terms are in any way true. The scammers will be the only ones making any more and it will be money from unsuspecting victims.

I’m sure you’re asking what it is Internet Cash Commissions have you do to make the ludicrous amounts of money they claim you’ll make. The bait is called “link posting”, which there’s no way on earth you can get the yacht, mansion and luxury car working it, let alone $3,000 per month.

The switch is when ‘Internet Cash Commissions’ calls you and say the real money is to be made after you spend thousands on their special, super dooper “business coaches” who will supposedly help you succeed. B.S. Malarkey.

I love how they say things like, “who knows you may never make any money” in the disclaimers. I really DON’T love it, I do find it reprehensible.

Especially when we receive letters and messages from sad and angry people who got taken for thousands of dollars by these cretins before they had the chance to read our warnings to stay away from non-legit garbage like Internet Cash Commissions.

I do not recommend “Internet Cash Commissions“.

Thanks for reading…

– David



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