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Internet Cash Academy

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Internet Cash Academy Scam Review

by David Harris

“Internet Cash Academy”, by Stephanie Hale and found at, is yet another link posting scam hiding as an affiliate marketing school of sorts.

Internet Cash Academy is neither academy nor any institute of learning.

They use the usual tactic of a fabricated working mother who tells her success story.

There are other darker tricks up Internet Cash Academy’s sleeve which I’ll explain further.

The usual suspects are all here, including the generic images of the fictional single working mom and testimonial people.

Internet Cash Academy is just another variation of the clone scam sites that end up in your email spam box which are better left ignored.

Internet Cash Academy has an initial sign up fee of $97 dollars, but when you try to leave, the pop up window keeps coming up until they bring it down to $27 dollars.

At the very top you will see the News channel logos that have absolutely nothing to do with Internet Cash Academy.

They even say so in the disclaimer at the bottom of the page.

The fabricated checks and credit card statements showing fake earnings are there to lure unsuspecting people into Internet Cash Academy.

Then you see the ‘1 position available in your area’ ploy right below the news logos.

Internet Cash Academy is neither a job nor an actual academy of learning.

There are no hallowed halls of education here, just a trick scammers like to use by enticing the desperate with titles like “Search Engine Agent Program” and “Internet Wealth Expert”, all nonsense of course.

This is not a real training course and truth be known, there is no certification program exists for posting advertisement links online.

In fact, no real money worth mentioning exists as Internet Cash Academy would have you believe.

They claim that you can make almost about four hundred dollars per day with their program but it really is not true.

The only one really making any money is the scammer who runs this con job, and the fake mom, Stephanie Hale is just a cover. The real names of the scammers are never shown.

Sadly, there are many desperate people out there to who can’t resist taking the bait.

Scams like Internet Cash Academy will be around as long as there are those who are easily lured by dreams of making lots of money for very little work.

The worst thing about this Internet Cash Academy scam is that once you give them your personal information to their call center will never cease to wear you down with aggressive sales calls.

Many people have written to us that they’ve been taken by them for as much as thousands of dollars.

If you have them, the sales people will get it from you.

They are that good.

The Internet Cash Academy sales team works like the devil to pressure those who have signed up with them into buying more useless business coach programs.

When they land a whale, but really a sucker, sometimes they can wrangle as much as tens of thousands from these naive people.

These poor people never make a return on their investment.

Don’t believe anything you see on Internet Cash Academy.

They will never help you succeed. Don’t.

It’s a scam among scams.

As soon as we expose this one another scam like it will take its place.

We will go after those too, but in the meantime, stay away from this awful scam.

I will never recommend any rip offs like Internet Cash Academy and its kind.

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