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Income Institute Connect

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Income Institute Connect – Scam Review

Income Institute Connect, is yet another new work at home scam, this time using the alias of Natalie Allen, a fake “#1 home job consultant in America,” however, this one is a French job (as in heist), by Walter Korsevo, from Orsay France.

The domain was created on June 13, 2012, which makes me wonder how someone in the U.S. can be able to contact them. Once in a while a home work business that hasn’t been around for very long is almost certain to have been put up after receiving many complaints on another website under a different company name.

I’ve found many already. It seems no one answers your call when you go looking for a refund.

Income Institute Connect dubiously claims their program is a “certified, proven, and guaranteed way to make $379 a day,” with little to no experience and in just an hour a day. It takes persistence and effort to build a decent home business, so that’s a red flag there.

Income Institute Connect also claims anyone can make up to $87 an hour as a “Search Engine Agent”. This made up “job position” is the latest hype title to try and generate interest.

However, the work is actually a branch of affiliate marketing that involves link posting for commissions upon transactions from your ads. It is not as easy as they make it sound.

The company charges $97 to join the “Income Institute Connect Certification Program”, including a 30 Day Make Money Guarantee. They supposedly return the sign up fee if you don’t make money with the program within 30 days. But seeing as they work out of France, it may get complicated trying getting a refund from these scammers.

You can find the same information online on affiliate marketing and how it works for free online and in libraries.

I suspect that Income Institute Connect may be from the same people that perpetrated the Access Easy Home Income and Cash for Clicks scams and somehow found someone in France to play ball. It has the same template look of those others, complete with the news logos, single mother stories and stock photos next to shill comments.

One of the worst things about Income Institute Connect is their practice of email account highjacking. They find people that open their spam, hack into their email, collect contact data and send messages to them in your name. When they open your message, this vicious cycle continues.

The most despicable of so many bad things they do is, once they’ve got you, they bring you to a “free consultation” to get more money out of you (for “investing in yourself”) to get more of their “services”. They are good at this and have taken many for a (joyless) ride.

Income Institute Connect seems harmless until you engage in business with them.

I highly suggest that you don’t.

Thanks for reading

– David



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