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Home Wealth Remedy Review

by David Harris

“Home Wealth Remedy” by A.B. Anderson and found at is a link posting scam.

We’ll explain what that is momentary.

The scammers who run this con doesn’t really show you anyway to make money online.

And they use a fake character to dupe you.

This scam is one of the oldest running bait and switch swindles and has been around since the birth of the internet.

Home Wealth Remedy throws hype statements around like “unique work from home business opportunity” and “easily proven and guaranteed”.

But it’s none of those things.

We will show you that it’s no wealth remedy at all by the end of this review.

There are many of these make money from home scams that look exactly alike.

They all predicate that you can earn a lot of money fast with a small bit of your time and no need for skills or experience.

I would say that is one of the biggest lies sites like this claim.

Besides that, they leave out a lot of vital information such as what it is you’d be doing.

That is a tactical move because some people who are desperate to have an online home job may fall for it quickly.

These newcomers don’t concern themselves with lies and fake income checks and boastful hype.

They only take a look at the pictures of the mansion, luxury car, and yacht and they can’t wait to join fast enough.

Home Wealth Remedy relies on these types of people.

That is how the scammers roll in the dough, thanks to innocent victims wanting to work from home.

Link posting means you buy ad space to place advertisement links and banners on websites that sell space to you on the side of their websites.

This means you are spending your own money to basically sell goods or services from your third party clients to anyone that would click on your ads.

Unfortunately, this is not a job and it is not a good way to make money online from home.

It is definitely NOT a sound investment.

Furthermore, they also redirect you to the fee page for another link posting scam called “Learn How To Academy”.

This is another nasty link posting scam previously reported here.

I should say that this method of posting random ads online is getting rather worn out by now.

That is why their real motive comes in after you join.

When you give them your personal info including your phone number, the horribly persistent boiler room sales hounds will be released on you to spend way more money for “better business coaching success” programs that really are pretty useless.

They are all deceitful and only concerned as to how much money they can take from you.

Don’t take our word for it.

Just look online for complaints about Home Wealth Remedy and the site they redirect you to because there are plenty from angry customers/victims who went broke.

It’s bad enough they charge you $97.00 at first.

But then they lower it down to 47 dollars on the popup windows after you try to exit.

That’s designed to make you think it’s a deal.

It’s no deal.

You won’t get any refunds, as all manner of support disappears after you give them all the money they could siphon off you.

Worse, they will continue to deduct more from your bank card in little increments afterward without you knowing it.

Your only real “remedy” is to notify and cancel the account with your bank that’s connected to the money wasted on Home Wealth Remedy.

By the way, or btw as the kids say, the representative on the main page is a phony character.

That means he does not exist. Try searching online for A.B. Anderson.

All you will find are at least 3 scams associated with that name and we have reviewed them all.

This fictional guy is definitely NOT “the number 1 home business specialist” by any means.

The testimonies in the comments section are faked, too.

The people are also fake and taken from stock photo sites.

Also, the video on the presentation page begins using Matt Lauer.

And we’re pretty sure he nor the network authorized its usage.

Again, do not give this scam any of your real private information.

The salespeople are extremely efficient at getting what they want from you.

There are huge amounts of folks who have lost thousands of dollars from falling for their slick sales pitches.

No way can we recommend this awful bait and switch con.

We and other colleagues can safely state it is a dangerous and risky scam.

That is because the only ones profiting from this scam are the crooks that run it.

Stay very far away from Home Wealth Remedy and the others mentioned here, too.

Thanks for reading the scam review…

– David



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Home Wealth Remedy is indeed a scam. I fell for it and lost $97. They would not even entertain you when you have problems and the support person sounded so mean and nasty. Very rude and tried to avoid to communicate. This is a scam. May they all go to prison.

education advice on :

Thank you for sharing your info. I really appreciate your efforts and I am waiting for your next write ups thank you once again.


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