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Home Traffic Income

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Home Traffic Income Scam Review

by David Harris

“Home Traffic Income” by “Anne Williams” and found at and, is a new entry in the continuous “Home Cash” scam websites using the phony working mother gimmick you see everywhere on the internet all the time.

Home Traffic Income uses a fictional working mom with the name “Anne Williams” placed next to a stock photo you can find on any stock images sites. She is not real. Neither is the ‘job positions available’ you see after you sign up. Home Traffic Income is not a job, and it is also not a sound investment in any way.

‘Home Traffic Income’ says that a lot of money can be made by going with them. Unfortunately, it’s your money that’s going to them and none ever going to you.

This “Home Traffic Income” con is the old link posting scam. They say you don’t need skills or experience with computers and internet to make said vast sums.

Home Traffic Income’s so called business coaching programs will do absolutely nothing for you. As a matter of fact, the biggest issue people have with Home Traffic Income is that it keeps on taking money out of the credit card account you give them at signup, and they take it over and over again without your authorization, even after you’ve already cancelled before.

“Home Traffic Income” is a clone site with all the tricks like news logo graphics at the top of the page and a fake news clip that scammers use over and over is here, too.

Trying to get your money back from Home Traffic Income will be impossible.

How the authorities keep letting these sites like Home Traffic Income exist is anyone’s guess. Once you hand them your info, including your card numbers, they now have you where they want you. When they can no longer get anything from you they will vanish leaving you nothing of value and taking as much as they can while they are there.

Anonymous scammers will always do runs with sites just like “Home Traffic Income” and its predecessors until they’re burned out and they will create another one just like it with a different business name immediately after, and so on. Angry and frustrated messages come to us from so many who got ripped off for lots of money by these scams that they are heartbreaking to read.

The most important thing to be aware of if you already joined them is when their team of sales hounds gets you in their grip, they do whatever they have to do to talk you into giving up more money on their upsell programs that can run up to tens of thousands.

Watch out for titles they use like Search Engine Agent, Wealth Development Certification Program and Internet Wealth Expert Business Consultant and familiarize yourself with the look and contents of Home Traffic Income so you can recognize it each time this scam rears its ugly head under another name you’ll know what to watch out for.

Exit from Home Traffic Income as fast as your mouse can click exit. They pop up so fast that I can’t write fast enough. Home Traffic Income is as bad as it gets.

I do not recommend “Home Traffic Income“.

Thanks for reading

– David


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